Jun 032012

 Blue Merle Mini Aussie Puppy

Ian Dunbar, a noted author on puppy and dog behavior, indicates that our puppies should meet 100 people in the first weeks of their lives along with being exposed to different sounds and environments and light scenarios.  This is especially true with mini Aussie puppies because unlike some breeds, they are not genetically wired to open their hearts to strangers unless they learn very early that people=fun or in dog terms, TREATS!

Swagger, our keeper from our last litter spent the day at some of the places we frequent for his first big dose of socialization.  If you want attention, ride an 8-week old puppy around in your shopping cart at Lowes!  If you happen to be a little shy yourself, this will definitely bring you out of your shell and you can meet all kinds of interesting people.  My favorite phrase, “would you like to pet my puppy?” always brings the children around followed by their smiling parents.  Perfect…inexpensive, and I would be there anyway with my husband browsing in the electrical aisle.

We want only happy and healthy experiences, so I didn’t sit Swagger on the ground yet since he has only had his first round of shots.  Being at eye level was the perfect scenario for some coos and ahhhhhs and isn’t he the sweetest thing evers!! It was fun and gave others an opportunity to share with me the stories and even pictures of the dogs that they love.

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May 112012

Those cute little fluffy puppies start to morph into adult dogs just like our sweet skin babies pass through life’s stages. At about 3-4 months old, ears start to look funky and the chewies begin indicating that baby teeth are starting to loosen and adult teeth are making their mouths sore. Toward the end of this period, puppies are fully into their adolescent time and their independent spirit takes hold. Sadly, many puppies find themselves banished from their family or even worse, given up to a shelter or rehomed.

How do we survive the next few months?  First, we must realize that our goal is to have a loyal adult dog and no one wants a puppy forever just like we want to see our own children and grandchildren grow into respectful adults.  

Potty mistakes are only mistakes and can be cleaned up. The best defense is crate training and having the puppy in an area easily mopped and to do potty walks often.  They don’t mean to make a mess, they just haven’t learned the rules yet. Consider it the transition from diaper to potty chair to toilet.

At this adolescent stage, puppies also get a wild hair and will take off to explore the world. Knowing this will happen, the best defense when they aren’t in a fenced area is to let them drag 20 feet of light clothesline from their collar so you can step on the end to reel them in if necessary.  The line can get twisted around them and potentially hurt them so only use it under direct and watchful supervision. I use it also to practice recalls.  Of course, don’t chase, but turn from your puppy and call with a happy voice of they get out of reach. And, when they come to you…only good things happen.  Never snatch them up to take them inside immediately or scold them.

Chewing doesn’t  have to be a problem if you have lots of safe toys and Nylabones handy. My floor looks like the dog toy monster spit up.  And…shoes and other valuables just have to be put away until the puppy is dependable, probably after a year or more old.

Time does fly by and with diligence and watchfulness, your rowdy adolescent will develop into the friend you had hoped for.

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Books to Enjoy

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Apr 302012

If you are looking for an inspiring book to read on a summer day while your dog sits beside you, try Bones Would Rain From the Sky By Suzanne Clothier. 

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They Grow Up So Fast

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Apr 132012


This is Alangus Derby Rose that I kept back from my Fancy x Randy litter born December 18, 2011.  She has fit right in with my older dogs and I’m very very happy with her personality and intelligence!  This picture is at 4 months old.

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Apr 092012

This is the first time I’ve had a bitch have puppies by C-section so I thought I’d share my experience, actually a quite good one.

Izzy was scheduled for a C-section on Thursday morning, April 5 but when I took her to the vet, progesterone levels were still in the normal range so the decision was made to wait to see if her temperature would start to come down.  It was still around 100 degrees, slightly lower than normal, but not low enough to indicate that pre-labor had begun.  I continued to watch her during the day and take temps, but everything remained stable.

Since nesting is a huge indicator of puppies making their move for sunshine, I kept Izzy in her crate in our bedroom and filled it with some cloths for her to move around.  In my twilight sleep, I could hear her digging like crazy off and on all night, a good sign that something was starting.  When I called the vet on Friday morning, temps were still around 100 but I told her about the nesting overnight so in she went again for another progesterone check.  Still normal, so back home she went.  I was crazy busy with holiday/spring break pet visits with my pet sitting business during the rest of the day, so I didn’t take her temperature again until around 7 pm.  It had dropped like a rock, down to just above 98 degrees.  That would mean, puppies within 12 or so hours.  Well, of course, that would happen so I get to pay the surcharge for after hours surgery and everyone has to be called back in from their couch in front of the TV.  However, better at 8 pm than 3 am!

Two vets and a vet tech met me at the clinic just as planned around 8:15 pm.  They said they didn’t need my assistance with the puppies, so I made a couple of pet visit runs and was back in about an hour and a half.  All done.  When I went into the surgery area, Izzy was still a tad groggy, but it didn’t take but a few minutes for her to come around and look almost normal.  The anesthesia they used works very quickly, but also leaves the system just as fast. She was given an oxytocin shot and Metacam for pain.

Four of the prettiest little mini Aussies you’ve ever seen were warming and squeaking in the incubator.  Two females and two males, one black tri of each and one blue merle of each.  I use the phrase “puppies in the oven” all the time, but this time…it was quite true. Izzy continued to come to her senses and the tech and I put the puppies with her to let them nurse.  They all latched on and had a drink before we boxed them up to go home.

I talked at length with the tech on duty.  She is actually an AKC judge and known in our area because she breeds standard Aussies.  Since she is a retired labor and delivery nurse for skin babies, she came to the vet world with a more advanced set of skills.  Natural whelping gives a dam time to naturally manufacture the necessary hormones to give her the mothering instinct so sometimes a C-section is confusing to them.  They go to sleep, no babies.  They wake up…a handful of little wiggly creatures.

Since newborn puppies have no thermostats and cannot regulate their own temperature, it is imperative for their caretakers to keep them artificially warm.  The puppies were handed over for travel in a 10″x10″ box taped shut with the neck of a tall bottle of very warm water sticking out the top to keep them nice and toasty.  Izzy rode home in her crate lined with towels.  She did have some blood residue, but nothing like I expected.  They had cleaned her up very well, and she wasn’t leaking hardly at all.  Much less than after natural whelping.

I had very few after surgery instructions for Izzy other than to make sure she eats and drinks and takes a round of antibiotics.  No stairs or romping for a week or so.  All her stitches are internal, so nothing to remove.  Not even a follow up vet visit necessary unless she is symptomatic of being ill.

Sometimes the mama dog is so confused after a section, they can hurt their own babies so the tech gave me a small bag of placenta left from the delivery to rub on the puppies behinds if Izzy started to be “weird” about them.  That smell would help her realize they belonged to her and it wasn’t a bad dream after all.  We got home, and I put Izzy in her whelping area where she has been sleeping for the last couple of weeks to get her ready and put the puppies one by one in with her.  The tech told me to let her sniff their bottoms first before laying them down and then help them find a nipple to nurse.  No problem!  Izzy is such a good mama, her eyes immediately got that warm soft look and she licked them from head to toe as though checking out their every cell.  In fact, she licked so much, I got a little concerned that she would get their umbilicals bleeding.  Placenta wasn’t necessary so it went in the garbage..yuck!

It was midnight by then, and there’s just something about the whole process that is awe-inspiring and there was no way I was going to go to sleep.  I just sat by her box and told her what a good girl she was.  Now that said, letting your bitch have puppies isn’t for the faint of heart and takes a lot of work and is quite expensive if you do it the right way.   I’m not advocating that everyone go out and breed their dogs because it’s more than puppies, and we want to be sure we are good stewards of our breed of choice.

I continued to sleep a bit and watch for problems, but the night went well.  By the next morning, Izzy was out of her box for potty and to the casual observer, nothing seemed to have happened.  The puppies nursed non-stop for two days and by Sunday were plumped up like the little sponge seahorses  you soak in water.  Izzy continues to do well, is eating well and I’m encouraging her to drink lots, necessary for milk production.

Pictures and videos will be coming soon.  I cannot find my good camera and in the confusion of the evening, I think I left it in the surgery area.  Sure do hope so 🙁

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Mar 292012

I took my little mini Aussie girl, Izzy, today to my local reproductive vet for x-rays and got the news I was hoping I wouldn’t get. Izzy’s 4 puppies are big for their mama to whelp. That’s the same thing that happened to her last year and I am not putting her through the same trauma plus I don’t want to risk loss of the babies.

After some discussion with the vet, I’m taking her professional advice and we have the c section scheduled tentatively for Thursday, March 5. She is confident that all will go well because the puppies look healthy, just large for my petite girl.  In a sense, I feel better knowing that it’s scheduled.  Sadly, though, I won’t breed Izzy again so these puppies will be extra special to me.  I really like Izzy’s looks and drive and she’s just one of those special dogs that is in tune with her people, very intelligent.  I’m all for breeding for conformation, but I do want an intelligent dog.  No dumb dogs in my house!

Genetics are so interesting because you just can’t predict outcomes.  And, the size of the newborn puppy isn’t at all indicative of the adult size either.  Izzy was the largest puppy in her litter of five, but the smallest adult.  Plus, Izzy was bred to a toy boy, only 10.5 ” tall so I was thinking his genetics might follow through to her puppies.

I’m comfortable with the vet I’ve chosen to do the Csection since that is her specialty and my reason for choosing her.  This will my first dog for the surgery, so I’ll post along the way and all outcomes for others that might like to share the experience.

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Mar 222012

This is Rose’s first outing in the motorhome and she’s all about it!  Nothing more fun than grandbabies and puppies 🙂  We’re babysitting for a couple of days at Kentucky Horse Park, which by the way is a very nice state campground in our area.

I was thinking yesterday as my almost 3 year old granddaughter  and I were walking Rose to the playground and letting her meet everyone along the way, that this should be on my “to do” list for all the puppies that I sell.  There is no better place for socialization than in a campground environment.  People of all ages, lots of children, noisy playground and other dogs with a safe place to walk and practice our new obedience commands provides lots of wonderful experiences.  Same goes for the ball park!

Izzy, our little pregnant mama, tagged along on this trip too.  Even though she’s been grumpy with Fancy and Ike, she’s quite tolerant of the two girls.  Of course, I always provide a place for her to get away when the baby crawls toward her face to face, but so far she just jumps onto the dash for higher ground!

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Little Aussie Mama

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Mar 202012

Miniature Australian Shepherd

Murray’s Queen Isabella of Alangus  March 19, 2012

Note–I’m not sure the setting on my camera, and I must figure it out, but this picture almost looks painted.  Kind of neat.

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Mar 202012

Pregnant Aussie

It only takes 63 days from ovulation for the puppies to be born and I can hardly believe the time has almost rolled around for Izzy.  She should be whelping April 6-10. Last year when Izzy had puppies, she seemed to have morning sickness the entire time so I babied her with yummy canned puppy food. Well, we know the end result of all those calories, little fat ground hog puppies that did NOT want to be born. This time, she hasn’t been noticeably sick and I’ve just kept her on her kibble letting nature help her decide the proper amount.  No hand feeding!

There is another noticeable difference with this pregnancy. Izzy’s hormones must be raging because she is one grumpy bear with her best buddies. Lots of “looks” and “raised lips” to tell them she’s in “no mood”. Haha. Like all houses with multiple dogs, we have multiple Nylabones throughout. While we were watching TV last evening, she went through the house gathering them up and bringing them back to her favorite pillow. Nesting?  Or just being snarky? The other dogs, even little Rose, knew not to cross a pregnant mama’s path!

Around April 1, Izzy will go back to the repro vet for X-rays to give us some idea of placement and sizes.   Hoping for healthy babies and an easy whelp for Izzy. 

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Dog Pack Dynamics

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Feb 262012

I own a pet sitting business and now have 4 dogs of my own and it is very interesting to watch dog pack dynamics play out where they are multiple animals.

My four dogs have very different personalities, either by inheritance or upbringing I’m not totally sure. Well, I should say three because Rose is only 9 weeks old so she’s just blending into the pack.  Contrary to what some people think, the loudest or bossiest is often not the highest ranking dog.

My neutered male mini Aussie will be 7 this summer and was raised in a kennel environment until I adopted him at 2 years old. My Izzy has just turned 3 and was raised from a puppy at my house, as was Fancy who is 2. All three are house dogs. Rose, from Fancy’s litter, is the baby. 

Even though Ike is neutered, he definitely has his harem. He is the benevolent leader of my pack. To an outsider observing, I’d predict you would guess that Izzy is high rank since no one questions her when she goes for a toy or raises her lip when one of the other dogs goes near her treat or food bowl.

How do I know Ike is top gun?  The tell tale signs are in our every day routine. Each morning, my dogs are let out to potty as soon as I get up. Ike quickly comes back to the door to come in, knowing the next thing on the agenda is breakfast. However, he’s not settled until the girls are back inside as well.  Anytime, his pack is separated he spins and barks, his signal to me that I need to gather everyone together.  He is never relaxed until all are safe and accounted for.

When we have playtime outside, and the dogs do their chase and run, Fancy and Rose roll over telling Ike he’s the man. Again, Izzy has her frisbee in her mouth almost always as she runs around and no one challenges her for it. However, were I to toss the frisbee, it would belong to Ike..no questions asked.  Izzy would not roll over but she would lower her body in a submissive pose telling me she does understand. 

Ike is also always the one to alert first when there’s someone uninvited nearby and expects his girls to follow suit. If they don’t, he circles once again to get everyone involved in the foray. When I quiet him, the girls know the party’s over. 

Ike can quietly rule the roost…until I come home! 

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Feb 222012

TMR’s Mayes’ HelmieAlangus Queen Isabella

I bred my Murray’s Queen Isabella of Alangus to TMR Mayes’ Little Helmie of JustaLittle on February 4.  Izzy and Helmie are both toy Aussies but have minis in their bloodlines, so it will be interesting once again to see the hereditary magic.  I chose Helmie as the daddy dog because of his champion lines and the “look” of the dogs behind him.  In addition, he is a small dog at 10.5″ and hopefully his puppies will be a size that are easy for Izzy to whelp.

Izzy is my athletic dog.  She is a one of those unique, “in-tune” dogs that seems to know what you tell her before you say anything.  She just can read faces and body language and loves nothing better than her people.  Hard to describe a dog like that, but if you’ve ever had a “heart” dog, you know what I mean. She lives to frisbee and would be an awesome candidate for flyball, although I haven’t tried her in that sport.  I trained her in agility when she was younger, and must get her back on the field this summer because she has matured and become much more confident.

Izzy will have her ultrasound on February 27 and at that point, I will begin to take deposits on her puppies.  They will be here Easter weekend via the Easter bunny!

I have opted to keep Derby Rose from Fancy’s litter after much deliberation and swaying back and forth.  She is developing so nicely for conformation and her personality is just easy going and fun like her mom.  She’s quiet and goes with the flow, whatever situation I put her in.  At 9 weeks, we’re working really hard on her socialization to meet 100 people, so she’s riding with me on my daily pet sit rounds.  Her potty training is well under way and she’s giving me no puddles which means she’s a smart cookie.

Spring is in the air in Kentucky!

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Jan 292012

Okay, I’m crying Uncle on using peepads with this litter. They are absolutely having a blast turning them into giblets even when they are in a holder. And, of course, when I find them sleeping so contentedly and ask “who” all I get are innocent little puppy smiles.

So now I’m trying something different and actually it’s not too bad. I ordered some small pooch pads (otherwise named whelping pads) for other uses, but they fit in the peepad holders quite nicely. I have read reviews from other folks that using them instead of disposable is a viable option and so far I’m liking the outcome.

The washable pads soak up the peepee nicely and it doesn’t soak through. It is also easy to use a baby wipe to pick up the poo and just put it in a ziplock to throw away in the garbage. By the way, using a large ziploc saves smell in the garbage and can be filled up before discarding. At the end of the day or when it’s really messy, I just throw the pad in the washer like a cloth diaper and put in a fresh one.  It does feel good to know I’m not putting more garbage in the landfill and I’m hoping using the holders is teaching the puppies the “acceptable” place since they have to step up onto it. Now all this said, I’m an advocate of training dogs to go outside but at 6 weeks old or overnight during training that just isn’t doable.  

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Puppy Inquiries

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Jan 252012

If you have made a puppy inquiry from the form on my website and did not receive a reply, please try again or give me a call. I’ve had a few where the email bounced and feel you may have typed your address incorrectly or it possibly went to your spam folder.

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Need a Date for Valentine’s?

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Jan 182012

valentine-image.jpgI have two mini or toy Aussie female puppies available from the Fancy x Randy litter born December 18, 2011.

First is a happy and very sweet little black tri female with lots of fur.  She is mid-weight in the litter right now and eating dry food well, along with still nursing her mama occasionally. Pippy’s temperament seems to be easy going, not much noise from her and she will let me lay her on her back without much fuss. However, sometimes she does have to defend herself against her brothers!  Because her left stocking is above her knee, I have been calling her Pippy Longstocking.  Somehow it has stuck, as nicknames do.

The second available female is Derby Rose, a classy little red tri female.  She is second from smallest in the litter, not skinny, just a smaller puppy at this stage of the game. Rose has a quiet and amiable temperament, plays but tends to find a secluded spot to relax away from her litter after they have finished their wrestling match.  She especially likes to lay around my neck while I’m watching TV.  I like her a lot.

These puppies will be available for their forever homes around Valentine’s Day. www.alangusaussies.com

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Jan 012012

A mama dog requires at least double the calories she would eat normally and if she has a large hungry litter will often eat 3x as many calories. I have taken that into account with my bitches by feeding them high quality food and also by adding a product called K9 Puppy Gold to her food for the extra calcium needed for a good supply of milk.

This product is a powder and can be mixed with hot water and poured over the food to make a stew or just mixed in dry.  My females love the flavor and gobble it up. I have found it keeps their coat shiny and helps them maintain their weight during the stress of nursing.

Once the puppies are changing over to puppy food, I also to mix Puppy Gold with their kibble and keep them on it as a supplement until they leave for their new homes. Fat and fluffy puppies are the result!! 

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Glamour Shots of Puppy Litter Dec 2011

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Dec 272011

This litter of mini or toy Aussie puppies is 8 days old on December 26, 2011.  It will only be another day or two until their eyes start to open and their ears lay down indicating they are starting to hear noises around them. As you can see, they are getting lots of good milk and growing like crazy.

Parents: Cattle Call Fancy Don’t Let Me Down of Alangus X RB’s Wee Randy da Rebel

Born: December 18, 2011

Male Mini/Toy Aussie 1 has a white triangle on the back of his neck and a half collar.  He is jet black tri with a white bib and tummy and dark reddish tan highlights.

Male Mini Aussie 1

Male Mini/Toy Aussie 2 has a half white nose and is jet black tri with long white stockings and lighter tan highlights like his mom.

Male Mini Aussie 2

Female Mini/Toy Aussie 1 has dark auburn color to her fur and I can’t tell yet if she’s a very dark red tri or black tri with a red undercoat.  If you compare her picture to the one above, you can see the color distinction.  She has a nice white blaze and white bib and her right stocking is above her elbow.


Female Mini/Toy Aussie 2 is jet black tri with a pretty shaped white blaze and left white long stocking.


Female Mini/Toy Aussie 3 is a lighter red tri.  At this point, she is reserved until we determine her eye color.  She may be staying with us.


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Dec 222011

I know you new puppy parents are perusing my Blog to not miss a moment of your new friend’s life so I took another video this morning.  It’s with my Iphone and not high quality, but has a good view of the little ones.  They are eating really well, as is Momma Dog, and their little bellies are starting to pooch out.  I love the time when they start to turn from newborns into puppies.

At this point it is very very important for me to keep Fancy healthy with as many calories as I can get down here.  She’s currently eating Orijen Fish dog food because it is very high calcium and  very high calorie (600+ kcal per cup), a six star food, the very best rating.  That is much higher calorie count than I would like to feed my dogs normally because when not whelping I like to keep them just a tad lean.  Fancy loves that particular food and I’m adding some hot water to make a stew because her intake of fluids needs to be maximized as well.  This morning early, she ate about 1 1/2 cups of dog food covered with hot water.  At lunch she got another bowl of  1 1/2 cups mixture of cottage cheese, rice and chicken that I had cooked earlier and frozen for her and a little puppy food.  The extra calcium in the cottage cheese and the protein again will help her milk supply.  With five nursing puppies, a female dog can lose a lot of her body fat and sacrifice her own health just as nursing skin mothers do.  Tonight she’ll get another meal and perhaps a chunk of cheese if she’s still hungry.  To compare, when not with puppies, Fancy eats 1 cup of food per day and maintains a healthy weight.

I’m not seeing a way to link to my video on my version of WordPress, so if necessary, you may need to copy and paste the url into your browser:


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Dec 222011

Today marked the third day for the Mini Aussie Puppies to be here and we took our trip to my veterinarian to be checked over, dew claws removed and tails to be docked.  Aussies are born with tails of different lengths, from a natural bob to a full length tail.  At three days old, the vet clips their tails and glues and puts a little stitch in the end.  I’ve seen dogs with good tail docks and ones with not so good docks.  My vet does an excellent job and is very particular to not get them so short that pottying is an issue but not so long they stand up like a Cocker Spaniel. She does it just right!

The breed standard calls for a docked tail and I wouldn’t have an Aussie any other way.  That distinctive pantaloon look with back feathers makes the Aussie look like an Aussie.  Love those wiggle butts 🙂

Contrary to what some people construe, tail docking is not particularly traumatic to the puppies at 3 days old.  Their body systems are still very immature and any pain they have at this point is not the same as pain in just a few more days.  My vet and I likened it to getting an ear pierced.  It’s a quick little jab, but then it’s over with minimal soreness for a few hours.  Actually, as soon as they were back with their Mommy and nursing, they seemed to have forgotten that anything had happened at all.

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Dec 172011

I should have bought stock in Amazon a few years back as much business as I give them. Now that I have the App on my IPhone, it’s even worse.  Amazon plus the fact that I’m an avid reader of books about dogs means my bookshelves are full and my husband seems to think I have a relationship with the UPS driver since he stops at our house daily.

To the topic, I have on my shelves a few books that I highly recommend for the person planning to purchase a puppy or that has just brought one home. My very favorite even though it is not a new edition is “Before and After You Get Your Puppy”.  This particular author especially emphasizes things to look for in a breeder as well as giving very practical advice that we probably should think of on our own, but probably haven’t.  Another title that I like is “How to Raise A Puppy You Can Live With”. This is also an older book in its 4th Edition, but again is an easy read with helpful hints even for those of us that are not new to dog training and ownership. 

The window of opportunity to socialize and prepare your puppy for a happy lifetime is so short, it is important to do a little homework by reading some good books.  

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Reputable Dog Breeders versus Puppy Mills

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Dec 142011

Puppy mills are in the news every day and the headline in our local paper today is about a large number of animals being confiscated in our area.  I hate puppy mills and so do most others.  However, I read another article today on a national Internet news source and I take offense when reputable breeders are lumped into the “puppy mill” category if they have a website and it was implied if they breed dogs at all.

Obviously, I do have a website, as do many of my mini and toy Aussie breeder friends,  and obviously with only 3 dogs, one of which is neutered, I am not a puppy mill.  I show my dogs with lots of folks who love their breed, try to better their breed, and have a website to promote their dogs and are not puppy mills. Sometimes one kind of ignorance is almost as bad as another.

In my pet sitting business, I care for a large number of pets that are rescue dogs and I also care for a large number of pets that are purebred with papers.  Neither is better or worse and both can make wonderful companions.  People who are searching to acquire a pet have different criteria just as those of us who walk into a bookstore have different views and preferences in our reading material.  Some have no breed preference and are just looking for a cute little black dog or one with short hair or one that just has a “look” and are not particularly interested in knowing the personalities of the parents in-absentee.

On the other side of the coin, you would find me.  I want to know about the parents of the dog I’m sharing my home with for the next 15 years.  I want to talk with the breeder about the health issues I might encounter.  I want to know the approximate size the puppy will be as an adult.  I want to know if the breed will be a barker, a jumper or a couch potato based on it’s heritage.

Indeed, not every breeder’s website represents the truth about their breeding program.  It’s fairly easy for a breeder to fabricate a persona, but not so easy to pull it off if the buyer asks the right questions and does a little Internet homework.

  • Look for show photographs or Google the dog’s name if the breeder says the dogs have a title.
  •  Look at the dog’s pedigree.
  •  Ask to see the dog’s registration papers if you wish to register your puppy.
  •   Ask the name of the breeder’s veterinarian and call for a reference.  Ask how often they see the breeder in their vet office for routine care.
  •   Check out Yahoo Local or Angie’s List for comments.
  •  Ask about membership in breed organizations and check it out.
  •  Google the person’s name and state.
  •  And if you can, make a personal connection with the breeder by visiting their adult dogs.  That’s not always possible if you are making a purchase out of state, but just be careful and diligent.

Contrary to the belief of the general public and implications of the media, reputable hobby breeders do not net a large amount of money.   Health testing, feeding quality food, routine health care,  and showing and competition are expensive endeavors.  Reputable breeders typically charge higher prices than those pumping out puppies in the barn to cover those costs and to guarantee a healthy animal.  For most of us, we love our breed and breeding a few litters a year is just fun and we enjoy the extended relationships with the buyers of our puppies and watching the puppies mature to become loved companions.

Puppy mills should be stopped when the health and welfare of the animals are being sacrificed for profit. However, we have to be careful when being critical that we are not inclusive of all breeders.

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Is your dog stressed or phobic?

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Dec 102011

I can’t say my dogs are nervous or stressed typically, but occasionally my little male, Ike, gets wound up when he feels he has to protect his girls in the pack. Two such occasions are when we are camping in our motorhome in a noisy campground and when there is construction going on in our house. In my case, Ike is not destructive or aggressive, just can’t rest because he is on alert and watchful.  When he’s alert he spins!!  Haha 

For several years, I have used a product called Quiet Moments to take the edge off his nervousness in such situations. It is in tablet form and a vet whose dogs are also pet sit clients looked over the ingredients and told me there is nothing dangerous. For Ike, who weighs about 20 pounds, half a tablet helps him relax, but doesn’t make him groggy like prescription drugs. I have also used Quiet Moments for pet sit client dogs with success for storm phobia.

Recently, another vet friend recommended Composure for my daughter’s geriatric Aussie who has lost her hearing and some vision and paces out of nervousness. I was told it can be taken daily and takes a few weeks to build up in the system and help the dog relax. I’ll report back later on that one.  

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Nov 262011

All of us who own dogs see occasional bouts of diarrhea and since I’m also a Petsitter, I see it more often. Diarrhea has many causes, but most often it’s a change of food, eating something in the yard not meant for consumption, or stress.

When I find a product that I like and that works I like to pass it along. This particular item came from one of my pet sit clients and it has saved lots of tummy aches and lots of messy cleanups for me.  

There are a variety of probiotics  on the market, but one I really like is sold online by Nature’s Farmacy called Dogzymes Digestive Enhancer. I buy the powder form because I like its consistency and the dogs like the taste. It looks a lot like Parmesan cheese and has a pleasant odor. In most cases 1/4 to 1/2 t a day over food solves or prevents any tummy upset. I give it to my mini Aussies when I change their food and when we travel. I also use it for my bitches after they whelp.  For my pet sit dogs that I know get stress diarrhea, I start it as soon as the owners leave, with their permission, of course.

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What to do with your puppy while you work

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Nov 262011

As I was planning my exit from the high school classroom in retirement, I was also planning my next chapter in my life. Obviously, I have always had dogs and when we left the farm and moved to a neighborhood, I no longer had my parents nearby to watch my dogs when they couldn’t go along. I tried the boarding scenario, and I just wasn’t happy with the environment in that setting, even in the best situation.  That led me to a notice on the bulletin board at my vet’s office for a lady that did in home pet sitting. I made an appointment for her to come to meet us and because I’m big on first impressions, I decided she wasn’t what I was looking for.

That was my “Eureka” moment and I determined that I had the qualifications to start my own pet sitting business when I retired. My  teaching background gave me experience for the business side and my experience with animals made the job a perfect match.  I started researching online and found a plethora of information with my best resource being a website and group forum at petsits.com.  I got my LLC established, opened my bank account, created my simple webpage, developed all my paperwork and all I needed were pet clients to be a legitimate business.

Obviously, I started slowly and admittedly it took a couple of years to get a client base.  Because of my dogs, I had good relationships with the five vets in my area and before long, word of mouth, my web presence, and some print advertising started to pay off.  This is my fifth year in business and with two part time employees to help out when I want days off and during the busiest times, I am very comfortable with my client base and have almost as much as I can handle.  Admittedly, I always welcome new clients because occasionally one of my regulars moves away or loses their pet and it’s nice to have another one to fill the spot.

This is leading up to my caption, “what to do with your puppy while you work”!  I only do in home pet sitting which means when my clients travel, I make scheduled visits during the day to their house to care for the animals.  The other service I provide is mid-day visits for folks who work long hours.  Depending on the situation, I take the dogs for a walk and give them playtime in a fenced yard.  This is perfect for my clients (and for those of you) with puppies because I can exercise them, let them potty, plus do a little basic obedience training so the pup is ready to nap until their owner gets home.

Check out my webpage at www.puppyluvpetsitters.com and to find a reputable pet sitter in your area search on www.petsits.com or www.petsit.com.  That might be the answer to moving your puppy through it’s potty training and adolescent years into being a dependable adult dog.

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Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherd Puppies

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Oct 142011

I know from phone calls and emails that you are interested in Fancy’s upcoming litter.  Cattle Call Fancy Don’t Let Me Down of Alangus is currently with her beau, RB’s Wee Randy da Rebel making puppies 🙂

Fancy is a black tri mini Aussie, standing just over 14″ and Randy is a blue merle toy Aussie standing about 13″. With the parent’s sizes and colors, we should have a nice mix of puppies.  Both adults have the traits I look for in a small Aussie.  Temperament is at the top of my list with conformation and intelligence coming in second.

I am very excited about this litter and would love to keep a puppy myself from this matchup.  That shows how much I like both dogs. Puppies will be eligible for NSDR, ASDR, MASCA and also AKC registration as a Miniature North American Shepherd so can compete in a variety of venues or just be your best buddy!

RB’s Wee Randy da Rebel

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Fall is in the Air

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Sep 072011

Fall is in the air in Kentucky and I’m watching and waiting for Fancy to come in season soon.  My plans are to breed her to a toy merle boy, so we’ll have to wait and see on the mix of colors and also sizes.  Fancy measures just over 14″ into mini territory, but the sire stands under 14″ in toy territory.  I like the idea that I can possibly get puppies from both groups.

I really liked having puppies in the house, so I’m anxious for a new litter.  They are just so much fun!

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Aug 102011

Babybell 2 flew out by Delta and this time things went more smoothly thanks to a worker in the cargo department that made sure she was on board the right flight.  We had weather delays due to storms in Atlanta, but the clerk was so helpful to reroute and even walked to the plane prior to boarding to be sure she was in the hold.  What a difference!

The flight was still long for the little girl, no Delta DASH with weather delays, but the new owner said she fared well and arrived with a dry kennel.  Good girl!

I learned to stay around to be sure the puppy is loaded and that the flight actually takes off.  I also learned that the tracking data is not necessarily correct, because if a puppy is misplaced between gates, someone will fabricate the data to get the plane off the ground.  I also maintain that carrying pet insurance is worth the small fee, because I can see how things can happen and it at least protects the seller and the buyer financially.

Back home to an empty nest.  The puppies have been a lot of fun, but it was time for them to bond in their new homes.  It was a good experience and Cattle Call Fancy of Alangus will give us another litter of mini or toy Aussies in the Fall.

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Jul 262011

I just returned from a 400 mile trek down to Atlanta for the IABCA dog show.  My adult son and I took his Border Collie, my black tri mini Aussie, Fancy, and Izzy’s two puppies along on the trip.

The show was held at Jim Miller Park just outside Atlanta and was a very nice event with about 160 dogs registered and a variety of breeds.  Fancy earned her points for International Champion as did Gus, my son’s Border Collie.  Both also got awards for Best of Breed.  It was a nice field of dogs and as always, we enjoyed chatting during the day with other dog owners.  There is always something to learn or to share where there are so many knowledgeable dog owners. Since I am a novice in the conformation ring, I especially like it that the judges write their evaluations of both my showing style and the dog’s conformation.

It is a little unusual to take along 7 week old puppies to a dog show that is that far away, but I am determined to give my puppies a good head start on their socialization and what better place than where there are barks and woofs and loud hairdryers and hundreds of hands to play with them, hands that are dog smart.

Traveling was actually quite easy because of their prior playpen training.  I drive a mini-van and removed all the back seats.  Our two adult dogs were in their kennels, but there was room to lay down a vinyl floor covering and the puppies had lots of room to play and since they were used to their peepee pads on the holder, that wasn’t a problem either.  For rest time, I tucked them into their kennel to help train them for their new homes and for them to learn that is their safe and quiet place.

At the dog show, I sat up their soft sided puppy play pen that has a bottom with their toys and pad.  They haven’t had but one round of shots, so I wasn’t comfortable putting them on the ground to play or to potty with so many possibilities of disease. That worked very nicely and they had room to bop around and a place to rest between their bops.

Their fear stage hasn’t set in, so they were happy to greet anyone that wanted to snuggle them and I was especially appreciative of the junior handlers that came around to spend time with them.  Exposure to children and young people at this age is super important in my opinion.

I might add that we had very nice accommodations at the Hilton Convention Center in Marietta and it was very pet friendly.  I had booked at another place, but it turned out to be a little shady and we were not comfortable in that particular area to be outside after dark to walk the dogs.  If I were traveling back to the same show, I’d definitely be on Priceline to book the same rooms.

It was a very nice trip.  IABCA is a relaxed and enjoyable show venue with experienced AKC judges and a nice crowd of people.

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Jul 172011

Puppy PlaypenThe two toy/mini Aussie puppies that are growing at my house are doing really well in the pen set up that I have for them.  I’ve taken hints from other breeders and put them together into what has worked for me.

Since I don’t have a “kennel” and my dogs are home raised, once the puppies were moving around, I set up the play yard in some extra space at the side of my dining room.  I have hardwood floors, so the first thing I did was go to Lowes and buy an inexpensive pre-cut roll of vinyl flooring that looks like wood and unrolled it over my hardwood.  To the casual observer coming into my home, you don’t really notice that I have laid down vinyl and it is easily mopped without doing damage to my wood.

I divided the play area loosely into 3 areas.  In one corner, I have an appropriately sized crate with the door open and sherpa fabric inside that is easy to change out and wash.  The puppies like to “den” in their crate.  Originally, when they were smaller I used the Perla bed, but found they would hunker behind it to sleep so the crate works better at this stage.

In the opposite corner, I use an Out plastic holder for their peepee pads.  I really like that product and the puppies caught on almost immediately and transitioned form the peepee pad on the floor to the holder.  I’m trying to do the math, but when I can put people bed pads on sale and cut them in half, I think it is more cost effective than the puppy pads at the pet store.  It will take a little more computation to figure out if that is actually true.  On the up side, the bed pads are thicker and more absorbant which I do like and a large one cut in half will make 2 perfect size ones for the holder.  I’m finding that about 80% of the time, the puppies are going to the holder which is a terrific percentage for their 6 1/2 weeks old.  Very surprising.

In the other corner, I have their water and puppy food dish which leaves all the middle for their toys and play time.  This set up is very practical, easy to clean and keeping the puppies exercised and happy.

The picture shows the pen in it’s original octagon shape when the puppies were younger and as they have gotten more active, I added 2 additional sections to the pen and made it a large square with more play room.

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Jul 072011

Traveling with adult dogs is one thing, but traveling with a momma dog and her month old puppies takes a little planning!

My first quandary was where they would ride so I opted for using a normal plastic dog crate that would fit mom plus puppies. With our slide in on the motorhome for travel, floor space was limited.

Since I had previously gotten the puppies used to climbing out of their Perla bed onto peepee pads, when their little feet hit that surface they were ready to do their business. Again space was an issue when we were rolling, so I opted to put a pad in the bathtub and every hour or so set the pups on their pad. Amazingly, they cooperated and there were very few accidents.

Once we got to the campground, I used a soft sided puppy playpen that I bought online. I actually bought two, but opted to use the “Best” brand that I found on Amazon. It was one piece, lightweight and had a zipper screen on the top to keep insects out. It was plenty big for a small bed, pee pad and food dish.  Plus, it was very easy to wash out and dried quickly. I don’t think this particular pen would contain larger, more rambunctious pups, but worked perfectly for this outing. I used it both inside the motorhome and outside under the awning.

I’m really happy we took the puppies along because I got to watch them grow plus they got a ton of socialization since our two grandchildren were with us. They were bombarded with the noises of life in close quarters and will be better pets for it 🙂


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Puppy Birth

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Jun 142011

When I was preparing for the birth of my litter of Mini/Toy Aussie puppies, I read books, read blogs and watched videos.  However, I still was not quite prepared for the event and thought I would share a few items that were very helpful along with those OMG moments.  My last dog that I bred was in the late 80’s and she was an easy whelper and required absolutely no assistance.

First, I learned some very good information about preparing the whelping area from a seasoned breeder that is now my friend.  She suggested buying a couple of Perla beds, one to use and one to have clean at all times.  I bought mine online and searched for quite awhile to find reasonable shipping from www.thatpetplace.com.  I ended up getting the large size, but truthfully, the medium would have probably been the correct size for my toy Aussie.  However, since whelping, it has served as a nice containment area until the pups get up and moving around more because the sides are quite high.  Again, I was told to keep the open side toward a wall or toward the pen so when mom gets out while the pups are nursing, she doesn’t drag them out with her.  Good advice.

Of course, I lined the Perla bed with newspapers and then used sherpa fabric cut in pieces about 24″ x 24″ or so.  I bought it at JoAnn Fabrics and cut and zigzagged the pieces before I washed them.  Another terrific idea because the mom and puppies love snuggling with and under the pieces.  I made enough that I can take them out and have several more to replenish until I have a full load to wash. They soak up the “stuff” and are soft and fluffy after they are washed almost like a stuffed toy.  I often find the pups hidden underneath, but the fabric is lightweight enough so it’s not dangerous.

Under the Perla, I have used Drymate Whelping Box Liner I bought online on Amazon.  It is lightweight and since it has a rubber backing, catches any liquid before it soaks through to my hardwood floors.  Again, I bought 4 different ones so I can double up to fill out the entire space of my fenced area and have backup to wash.  The liner washes beautifully and I hang outside to dry.  I found that drying in the dryer didn’t work so well, but it dries overnight when hung up.

I used a small Lectro Kennel Heath Pad under one end of the Perla bed to maintain the temperature about 85-90 degrees to keep the puppies from getting chilled.  Again, this worked perfectly with the addition of a Zoo Med Remote Sensor Thermostat for Reptiles to keep the temperature stable.  At first I tried the temperature control that can be ordered to use with the Lectro Kennel Pad, but when my husband charted the temperatures over a 24 hour period, it was too random and I thought the temps got too hot. The Zoo Med kept the temp very stable and

Izzy’s whelping was quite eventful and luckily my husband was home to help and my breeder friend was on the phone.  All Izzy’s puppies were born posterior first and they were fat little chumps.  In all 3 cases, we had to give assistance by pulling on their little back feet as Izzy contracted to get them out and although it didn’t really take that long, it seemed forever for the heads to finally be out.  The midsection seemed to be the part that “stuck” and try as Izzy tried, she couldn’t have done it on her own.  The last delivery was an extremely large puppy, and it just took too long and we to exert too much pressure for it to survive.  That was when we got very nervous for our momma and thought we might have to rush her to the vet.  At the end of about 7 hours, we had two very fat and healthy Miniature or Toy Australian females puppies that will be for sale in a few weeks.

My hopes are that if I breed another of my dogs, the birthing process will be more normal.  I don’t think it is common that all the pups of a litter come out backwards, but I haven’t really done the research on it.

Another hint I got from a veteran breeder opposes everything I thought I knew, plus everything the vets told me.  I feed my dogs high quality 5 star food and continued to do so once my female was bred.  About mid-way through, I changed her over to high quality puppy food.  My breeder friend said I actually “overfed” her with nutrients which made the puppies very large and fat, making for a more difficult birth.  It does make sense, and although I definitely don’t want to jeopardize the health of my female, I will rethink the feeding regimen next time to try to hit a mid-point.

With the puppies at 14 days old today, I will give their first worm medicine and also grind their little nails a bit because they are like needles.  Chime, the black tri, is just starting to open her eyes and Babybell’s are open wide today and definitely bright blue.

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Toy or Mini Aussie Puppies are HERE!!!

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Jun 122011

We had an exciting time on May 31 when Izzy was giving birth to her little butterballs.  The little chubs came into the world back end first which required some assistance and a good mentor, the owner of the daddy dog, on the phone giving encouragement.

Two weeks have passed, and just today our little blue merle girl opened her eyes.  She is a cutie for sure.  Right now it seems both her eyes will be blue and she is starting to get just a hint of copper mixed in with her coloring.  Our little granddaughter started calling her BabyBell after her Mommy, Isabella, so the name has stuck.  Somehow she just looks like a Babybell.

The black tri female is just a tad slower opening her eyes, so we’re still wondering.  Her daddy is a blue eyed red tri, so it’s not impossible that she could sport those baby blues too.  She is just a little smaller than her merle sister, but it’s still hard to tell if she’s just younger or going to be a smaller dog.  In the same scheme of things, her name has become Chime and her white collar is actually in the shape of a “C”.  Better than a permanent tattoo, eh?

Izzy is a doting mom and has settled into her nursery in our office.  Of course, we have to pick up the puppers every time we pass to give them a little snuggle, belly tickle and neck scratch to get them used to the human touch and smell. Ike, our male, and Fancy, our other female, get to view the pups from a distance at this point, but they don’t seem particularly concerned about any lack of attention for themselves.  We have enough to go around 🙂

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Memorial Day Aussie Puppies

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May 282011

Izzy is on day 62 from her first breeding and x-rays show she has at least 3 miniature or toy aussies waiting to meet the world.  I’m on pins and needles watching and waiting.

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Counting the Days

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Apr 202011

I have to admit that I have a calendar and I’m marking off the days until Izzy whelps.  We’re on day 25 and I’m seeing her little belly pooch just a tad..hopefully not my imagination.

I haven’t had a litter of puppies at my house since 1998 so admittedly, I’m really excited.  I do not expect any problems and have an experienced breeder friend on call, but I’m reading and reviewing all the information to be sure I’m ready to help out if necessary.

Since Izzy is our little disc dog, she’s out of competition this summer.  That’s a bummer, because it’s so much fun for both her and my husband, and,well, me too 🙂

Izzy has been bred to a Toy Aussie male who is just cute as a button.  He is a dark red tri, with Champion and Best in Show titles to his credit. He and Izzy are a cute pair.  Izzy is from a litter of five bright blue merles so with the breeding, I’m expecting some really nice pups.

Fancy, my small mini Aussie, will also be bred at her next heat.  She was titled as a puppy last summer and I plan to put her back in the ring as an adult in May which reminds me that I need to start working with her because she’s gotten out of practice on her ring presence.  I’m wavering between two merle males for her, so I soon need to make up my mind.

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Little Toy Aussies on the Way!

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Apr 192011

I’ve been away from my Blog living life, but Spring in Kentucky may be sprouting more than grass and flowers.  Izzy had a nice vacation with a little dark red tri champion male for a week and she’s looking very much like puppies may be on the way!!

If all goes as expected, I’ll be posting pictures of baby toy Aussie puppies the end of May or first of June!!!!

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Happy New Year

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Jan 042011

The holidays have passed and it’s time to look toward Spring.  My little mini Aussie, Fancy, now a year old has just come through her second heat cycle so I’m going to schedule her OFA xrays soon to get her ready to bring us some puppies.  I’m also intending to put her back in the IABCA show ring this Spring to accomplish her adult championship.

Izzy, my blue merle girl, has matured and is filling out to be an absolutely gorgeous Toy Aussie.   She is now two and I’m just waiting for her to come in season and a really nice dark red tri male is waiting in the wings ready.  I’m so hoping to have a litter for those of you that have called and emailed me.  Izzy has so many good qualities, including her stunning facial features and athleticism that I’d like to pass along.  It’s too bad that the weather has been uncooperative lately for her to practice her frisbee.

Happy New Year to all!!

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Vacation–Pack ’em up and take ’em along!

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Oct 052010

My husband, 3 Aussies and I just returned from a nice vacation in our motorhome to the mountains of Virginia with the plans of riding our bikes on the New River Trail every day.  For anyone that has watched the weather, you know that Virginia was under a rain system so instead of riding our bikes, we ate comfort foods, rested and ate some more comfort food.

Surprisingly, the rain would stop intermittently and the dogs could get a long hike in the misty air or frisbee in the puddles.

The best part about our Toy and Mini Aussies is you can pack ’em up and take ’em along wherever you go!

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Run for the Roses

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Apr 302010

This weekend is the infamous Oaks and Run for the Roses, the Kentucky Derby here in Louisville Kentucky (Alangus Toy Aussies is just up the river from Louisville).  Weather is absolutely gorgeous here today, a little windy, but azure blue skies and shades of green everywhere.  Hoping it will hold out for the races! And, they’re OFF!!!!

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I’m a Believer

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Apr 282010

My sermon for the day has to do with feeding your dogs premium dog food.  I’m a believer in high protein, low or no grain, food.  Proof is in the bag!

My oldest mini Australian Shepherd left me at age 16 1/2 and my German Shepherd at 14 1/2 and I attribute it to feeding them high protein, high quality dog food along with a few supplements along the way.  Check this link for my local veterinarian’s discussion of pet food   http://www.alangusaussies.com/index_files/Page564.htm

Again, I am no veterinarian, but I know what has given me good results with my dogs over the last 25 years.  I give my dogs daily fish oil and NuVet Plus http://www.alangusaussies.com/index_files/AvailablePuppies.htm as a supplement to their premium food.  I can also share my favorite dog foods if anyone is interested but there is no “one” that is the best, just ingredients that provide a more healthy diet for your pet.

As my two older dogs became geriatric, I began giving them LubriSyn which is a miracle cure for arthitic pain and glucosamine/chondroitin supplements.

Vet bills are very expensive, a sick and unhealthy dog is sad, and the small cost of providing good food will far offset the health issues of feeding “corn chips” to your pets on a daily basis (ie food with corn as the main ingredient).

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Tummy Aches Happen

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Apr 262010

My little female toy Aussie has been under the weather for a couple of days with a tum tum ache.  A couple of weeks ago Fancy had the same symptoms and a vet’s visit didn’t bring any answers.  I went back to advice that Fancy’s breeder had given me and found some Metronidazole tablets (Flagyl) in my stash from another vet, another dog, another time.  That seems to be curing the problem.  After 2 days, her tail is wagging and she’s looking for her Frisbee once again.  And…starting to eat.

Had I not had the Flagyl, I would have used Fish Zole which is the same medication and can be purchased at a minimal price from pet supply stores without a prescription.  (Disclaimer- I am not a veterinarian)

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Rain Showers and May Flowers

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Apr 202010

Just because I haven’t posted doesn’t mean that life is dull here at Alangus Toy Aussies!

Training has been in full swing for all three little Aussies and we are making really good progress. 

We also are working hard to get Fancy ready for the American Stock Dog (ASDR) event in late May.  That will be my first time to participate in conformation and I’m nervous and excited to learn the ropes.  My adult son is taking his Border Collie puppy along for the ride and may put him in the ring as well.

Spring has arrived in Kentucky so the Frisbees have been flying and the little wading pool is ready for some warmer temps.  Izzy is a Frisbee fanatic and Fancy has followed behind her enough now to get the idea and sometimes snatch one away occasionally.

 Toy Australian Shepherds are definitely spunky, but that’s what makes them special!  No lazy lap dogs in my house!

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Mar 102010

We have worked inside on obedience all winter and are so ready to get back onto the outdoor agility course for additional training.

While Izzy is still working hard on her more advanced obedience work, Ike will be starting back into agility.  Last summer was his first time to work agility and he was a happy happy dog.  Since I’m a novice, I have to build my confidence so he doesn’t get the wrong signals from me.  Once that’s accomplished, he, no doubt, is going to perform well because he loves to jump and dash and does not fear the obstacles.

Fancy is growing and maturing so nicely.  She is doing well on her potty training (except when I mess up) and plays until she’s totally tuckered out.  She is in her puppy obedience class with about 15 other young ‘uns of all shapes and sizes and it’s a hoot to watch them.  Although young, she is very focused and very obedient.  Could be because she LOVES to eat!!

I’m happy to announce that Izzy had her OFA Prelim and PennHip x-rays this week and the vet gave me the indication that all looks good.

I’m excited about the ASDR show in Missouri in May.  This will be my first show to participate and it will be fun to meet everyone.

Ah Spring is in the air in Kentucky!!

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Feb 282010

My son and I visited the litter of Border Collie puppies from which he will be getting a little male in 3 more weeks.  They were balls of snuggly black and white fur!!  I suppose puppy love runs in my family 🙂  Welcome to Terbo Cream Top Runaround Angus aka Gus!

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Snow in the Bluegrass

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Feb 162010

The last couple of weeks have been busy scooping snow in Kentucky and also working hard with the pups on their training.  Fancy is learning quickly from the other dogs and will be starting her puppy obedience class in another week or two.  I have continued to take her to play at the training center to meet new people and we’ve been practicing her stack and walking on lead.  So far, she goes with the flow and still has a puppy smile on her face.

At 12 weeks, Fancy’s potty training is right on schedule.  She seldom makes a mistake and when she does, I take the full responsibility for not taking her out on time.  She has gained weight and her fur is only getting fluffier is that’s possible.  With the agility equipment set up in the basement, she’s found hide and seek in the tunnel to be a really fun game and prances along the little dog walk like she’s done it forever.

Izzy is now in an advanced obedience class.  There were several new dogs in the last session so she was a little nervous since some of them were off leash at times and rambunctious.  The dynamics always change for a couple of classes with new dogs so hopefully this week she’ll be back at her confident self.  It made me a little off key too, so I’m sure she picked up on it because she’s super sensitive to my emotions.  I don’t like it when people let their dogs run up w/out proper introductions…not polite of them.

If it’s possible for a dog to shrug, my male is rolling his eyes with a shrug.  He seems to be thinking…oh no another puppy to train, and a girl at that.  He’s been super tolerant of the little razor teeth but quick to let Fancy know what is acceptable just as he did Izzy at that age.  He is such a good dog and happy as long as he’s near my side.

Paperwork is in for the ASDR event in May!!  I’m excited about learning the ropes and seeing how Fancy does.  I wish I could get Izzy ready for obedience competition, but not sure I can.

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Nice stack

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Feb 092010

The last two weeks I have been taking Fancy to Conformation Walk-ins at my local training center.  She is happy to meet the other dogs of all breeds and sizes and seems totally at ease when examined on the table.  With a yummy liver treat in my hand, she stacks her little legs and body nicely for review.  I’m super happy with her attitude and even the die-hard standard Aussie folks have commented on her “look”.

At home, my three Aussies are playing hard.  Because of Fancy’s little razor teeth, she occasionally gets in trouble and her buddies have to put her in her place.  No problem, she pops right back up and is ready to romp some more.

Potty training is going great.  The 2-3 mistakes have been mine and she’s quick to communicate that she needs to go out.  That makes me a believer in the breeders methods of using a potty pan for her puppies when they are still in their confined space.

My basement is the dog play area and the tunnel and walk board are Fancy’s favorites.  Watch out agility folks, here she comes!!

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