Jul 072011

Traveling with adult dogs is one thing, but traveling with a momma dog and her month old puppies takes a little planning!

My first quandary was where they would ride so I opted for using a normal plastic dog crate that would fit mom plus puppies. With our slide in on the motorhome for travel, floor space was limited.

Since I had previously gotten the puppies used to climbing out of their Perla bed onto peepee pads, when their little feet hit that surface they were ready to do their business. Again space was an issue when we were rolling, so I opted to put a pad in the bathtub and every hour or so set the pups on their pad. Amazingly, they cooperated and there were very few accidents.

Once we got to the campground, I used a soft sided puppy playpen that I bought online. I actually bought two, but opted to use the “Best” brand that I found on Amazon. It was one piece, lightweight and had a zipper screen on the top to keep insects out. It was plenty big for a small bed, pee pad and food dish.  Plus, it was very easy to wash out and dried quickly. I don’t think this particular pen would contain larger, more rambunctious pups, but worked perfectly for this outing. I used it both inside the motorhome and outside under the awning.

I’m really happy we took the puppies along because I got to watch them grow plus they got a ton of socialization since our two grandchildren were with us. They were bombarded with the noises of life in close quarters and will be better pets for it 🙂


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