Aug 102011

Babybell 2 flew out by Delta and this time things went more smoothly thanks to a worker in the cargo department that made sure she was on board the right flight.  We had weather delays due to storms in Atlanta, but the clerk was so helpful to reroute and even walked to the plane prior to boarding to be sure she was in the hold.  What a difference!

The flight was still long for the little girl, no Delta DASH with weather delays, but the new owner said she fared well and arrived with a dry kennel.  Good girl!

I learned to stay around to be sure the puppy is loaded and that the flight actually takes off.  I also learned that the tracking data is not necessarily correct, because if a puppy is misplaced between gates, someone will fabricate the data to get the plane off the ground.  I also maintain that carrying pet insurance is worth the small fee, because I can see how things can happen and it at least protects the seller and the buyer financially.

Back home to an empty nest.  The puppies have been a lot of fun, but it was time for them to bond in their new homes.  It was a good experience and Cattle Call Fancy of Alangus will give us another litter of mini or toy Aussies in the Fall.

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