Dec 172011

I should have bought stock in Amazon a few years back as much business as I give them. Now that I have the App on my IPhone, it’s even worse.  Amazon plus the fact that I’m an avid reader of books about dogs means my bookshelves are full and my husband seems to think I have a relationship with the UPS driver since he stops at our house daily.

To the topic, I have on my shelves a few books that I highly recommend for the person planning to purchase a puppy or that has just brought one home. My very favorite even though it is not a new edition is “Before and After You Get Your Puppy”.  This particular author especially emphasizes things to look for in a breeder as well as giving very practical advice that we probably should think of on our own, but probably haven’t.  Another title that I like is “How to Raise A Puppy You Can Live With”. This is also an older book in its 4th Edition, but again is an easy read with helpful hints even for those of us that are not new to dog training and ownership. 

The window of opportunity to socialize and prepare your puppy for a happy lifetime is so short, it is important to do a little homework by reading some good books.  

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