Mar 292012

I took my little mini Aussie girl, Izzy, today to my local reproductive vet for x-rays and got the news I was hoping I wouldn’t get. Izzy’s 4 puppies are big for their mama to whelp. That’s the same thing that happened to her last year and I am not putting her through the same trauma plus I don’t want to risk loss of the babies.

After some discussion with the vet, I’m taking her professional advice and we have the c section scheduled tentatively for Thursday, March 5. She is confident that all will go well because the puppies look healthy, just large for my petite girl.  In a sense, I feel better knowing that it’s scheduled.  Sadly, though, I won’t breed Izzy again so these puppies will be extra special to me.  I really like Izzy’s looks and drive and she’s just one of those special dogs that is in tune with her people, very intelligent.  I’m all for breeding for conformation, but I do want an intelligent dog.  No dumb dogs in my house!

Genetics are so interesting because you just can’t predict outcomes.  And, the size of the newborn puppy isn’t at all indicative of the adult size either.  Izzy was the largest puppy in her litter of five, but the smallest adult.  Plus, Izzy was bred to a toy boy, only 10.5 ” tall so I was thinking his genetics might follow through to her puppies.

I’m comfortable with the vet I’ve chosen to do the Csection since that is her specialty and my reason for choosing her.  This will my first dog for the surgery, so I’ll post along the way and all outcomes for others that might like to share the experience.

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  1. I’m nervous but at least I’m not stressing over a hard delivery for her.

  2. Good luck with the C-section! I would have done the same thing and scheduled it because it’s not worth the risk. Hope Izzy and all of the pups pull through okay!

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