Mar 222012

This is Rose’s first outing in the motorhome and she’s all about it!¬† Nothing more fun than grandbabies and puppies ūüôā¬† We’re babysitting for a couple of days at Kentucky Horse Park, which by the way is a very nice state campground in our area.

I was thinking yesterday as my almost 3 year old granddaughter¬† and I were walking Rose to the playground and letting her meet everyone along the way, that this should be on my “to do” list for all the puppies that I sell.¬† There is no better place for socialization than in a campground environment.¬† People of all ages, lots of children, noisy playground and other dogs with a safe place to walk and practice our new obedience commands provides lots of wonderful experiences.¬† Same goes for the ball park!

Izzy, our little pregnant mama, tagged along on this trip too.¬† Even though she’s been grumpy with Fancy and Ike, she’s quite tolerant of the two girls.¬† Of course, I always provide a place for her to get away when the baby crawls toward her face to face, but so far she just jumps onto the dash for higher ground!

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