Jan 042011

The holidays have passed and it’s time to look toward Spring.  My little mini Aussie, Fancy, now a year old has just come through her second heat cycle so I’m going to schedule her OFA xrays soon to get her ready to bring us some puppies.  I’m also intending to put her back in the IABCA show ring this Spring to accomplish her adult championship.

Izzy, my blue merle girl, has matured and is filling out to be an absolutely gorgeous Toy Aussie.   She is now two and I’m just waiting for her to come in season and a really nice dark red tri male is waiting in the wings ready.  I’m so hoping to have a litter for those of you that have called and emailed me.  Izzy has so many good qualities, including her stunning facial features and athleticism that I’d like to pass along.  It’s too bad that the weather has been uncooperative lately for her to practice her frisbee.

Happy New Year to all!!

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