Jan 182012

valentine-image.jpgI have two mini or toy Aussie female puppies available from the Fancy x Randy litter born December 18, 2011.

First is a happy and very sweet little black tri female with lots of fur.  She is mid-weight in the litter right now and eating dry food well, along with still nursing her mama occasionally. Pippy’s temperament seems to be easy going, not much noise from her and she will let me lay her on her back without much fuss. However, sometimes she does have to defend herself against her brothers!  Because her left stocking is above her knee, I have been calling her Pippy Longstocking.  Somehow it has stuck, as nicknames do.

The second available female is Derby Rose, a classy little red tri female.  She is second from smallest in the litter, not skinny, just a smaller puppy at this stage of the game. Rose has a quiet and amiable temperament, plays but tends to find a secluded spot to relax away from her litter after they have finished their wrestling match.  She especially likes to lay around my neck while I’m watching TV.  I like her a lot.

These puppies will be available for their forever homes around Valentine’s Day. www.alangusaussies.com

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