Apr 202010

Just because I haven’t posted doesn’t mean that life is dull here at Alangus Toy Aussies!

Training has been in full swing for all three little Aussies and we are making really good progress. 

We also are working hard to get Fancy ready for the American Stock Dog (ASDR) event in late May.  That will be my first time to participate in conformation and I’m nervous and excited to learn the ropes.  My adult son is taking his Border Collie puppy along for the ride and may put him in the ring as well.

Spring has arrived in Kentucky so the Frisbees have been flying and the little wading pool is ready for some warmer temps.  Izzy is a Frisbee fanatic and Fancy has followed behind her enough now to get the idea and sometimes snatch one away occasionally.

 Toy Australian Shepherds are definitely spunky, but that’s what makes them special!  No lazy lap dogs in my house!

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