Mar 102010

We have worked inside on obedience all winter and are so ready to get back onto the outdoor agility course for additional training.

While Izzy is still working hard on her more advanced obedience work, Ike will be starting back into agility.  Last summer was his first time to work agility and he was a happy happy dog.  Since I’m a novice, I have to build my confidence so he doesn’t get the wrong signals from me.  Once that’s accomplished, he, no doubt, is going to perform well because he loves to jump and dash and does not fear the obstacles.

Fancy is growing and maturing so nicely.  She is doing well on her potty training (except when I mess up) and plays until she’s totally tuckered out.  She is in her puppy obedience class with about 15 other young ‘uns of all shapes and sizes and it’s a hoot to watch them.  Although young, she is very focused and very obedient.  Could be because she LOVES to eat!!

I’m happy to announce that Izzy had her OFA Prelim and PennHip x-rays this week and the vet gave me the indication that all looks good.

I’m excited about the ASDR show in Missouri in May.  This will be my first show to participate and it will be fun to meet everyone.

Ah Spring is in the air in Kentucky!!

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  1. Great post,, I’m glad you get along with your dogs. Congrats and good luck for you show.

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