Feb 162010

The last couple of weeks have been busy scooping snow in Kentucky and also working hard with the pups on their training.  Fancy is learning quickly from the other dogs and will be starting her puppy obedience class in another week or two.  I have continued to take her to play at the training center to meet new people and we’ve been practicing her stack and walking on lead.  So far, she goes with the flow and still has a puppy smile on her face.

At 12 weeks, Fancy’s potty training is right on schedule.  She seldom makes a mistake and when she does, I take the full responsibility for not taking her out on time.  She has gained weight and her fur is only getting fluffier is that’s possible.  With the agility equipment set up in the basement, she’s found hide and seek in the tunnel to be a really fun game and prances along the little dog walk like she’s done it forever.

Izzy is now in an advanced obedience class.  There were several new dogs in the last session so she was a little nervous since some of them were off leash at times and rambunctious.  The dynamics always change for a couple of classes with new dogs so hopefully this week she’ll be back at her confident self.  It made me a little off key too, so I’m sure she picked up on it because she’s super sensitive to my emotions.  I don’t like it when people let their dogs run up w/out proper introductions…not polite of them.

If it’s possible for a dog to shrug, my male is rolling his eyes with a shrug.  He seems to be thinking…oh no another puppy to train, and a girl at that.  He’s been super tolerant of the little razor teeth but quick to let Fancy know what is acceptable just as he did Izzy at that age.  He is such a good dog and happy as long as he’s near my side.

Paperwork is in for the ASDR event in May!!  I’m excited about learning the ropes and seeing how Fancy does.  I wish I could get Izzy ready for obedience competition, but not sure I can.

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