Feb 092010

The last two weeks I have been taking Fancy to Conformation Walk-ins at my local training center.  She is happy to meet the other dogs of all breeds and sizes and seems totally at ease when examined on the table.  With a yummy liver treat in my hand, she stacks her little legs and body nicely for review.  I’m super happy with her attitude and even the die-hard standard Aussie folks have commented on her “look”.

At home, my three Aussies are playing hard.  Because of Fancy’s little razor teeth, she occasionally gets in trouble and her buddies have to put her in her place.  No problem, she pops right back up and is ready to romp some more.

Potty training is going great.  The 2-3 mistakes have been mine and she’s quick to communicate that she needs to go out.  That makes me a believer in the breeders methods of using a potty pan for her puppies when they are still in their confined space.

My basement is the dog play area and the tunnel and walk board are Fancy’s favorites.  Watch out agility folks, here she comes!!

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