Nov 262011

All of us who own dogs see occasional bouts of diarrhea and since I’m also a Petsitter, I see it more often. Diarrhea has many causes, but most often it’s a change of food, eating something in the yard not meant for consumption, or stress.

When I find a product that I like and that works I like to pass it along. This particular item came from one of my pet sit clients and it has saved lots of tummy aches and lots of messy cleanups for me.  

There are a variety of probiotics  on the market, but one I really like is sold online by Nature’s Farmacy called Dogzymes Digestive Enhancer. I buy the powder form because I like its consistency and the dogs like the taste. It looks a lot like Parmesan cheese and has a pleasant odor. In most cases 1/4 to 1/2 t a day over food solves or prevents any tummy upset. I give it to my mini Aussies when I change their food and when we travel. I also use it for my bitches after they whelp.  For my pet sit dogs that I know get stress diarrhea, I start it as soon as the owners leave, with their permission, of course.

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