Dec 102011

I can’t say my dogs are nervous or stressed typically, but occasionally my little male, Ike, gets wound up when he feels he has to protect his girls in the pack. Two such occasions are when we are camping in our motorhome in a noisy campground and when there is construction going on in our house. In my case, Ike is not destructive or aggressive, just can’t rest because he is on alert and watchful.  When he’s alert he spins!!  Haha 

For several years, I have used a product called Quiet Moments to take the edge off his nervousness in such situations. It is in tablet form and a vet whose dogs are also pet sit clients looked over the ingredients and told me there is nothing dangerous. For Ike, who weighs about 20 pounds, half a tablet helps him relax, but doesn’t make him groggy like prescription drugs. I have also used Quiet Moments for pet sit client dogs with success for storm phobia.

Recently, another vet friend recommended Composure for my daughter’s geriatric Aussie who has lost her hearing and some vision and paces out of nervousness. I was told it can be taken daily and takes a few weeks to build up in the system and help the dog relax. I’ll report back later on that one.  

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