Apr 202011

I have to admit that I have a calendar and I’m marking off the days until Izzy whelps.  We’re on day 25 and I’m seeing her little belly pooch just a tad..hopefully not my imagination.

I haven’t had a litter of puppies at my house since 1998 so admittedly, I’m really excited.  I do not expect any problems and have an experienced breeder friend on call, but I’m reading and reviewing all the information to be sure I’m ready to help out if necessary.

Since Izzy is our little disc dog, she’s out of competition this summer.  That’s a bummer, because it’s so much fun for both her and my husband, and,well, me too 🙂

Izzy has been bred to a Toy Aussie male who is just cute as a button.  He is a dark red tri, with Champion and Best in Show titles to his credit. He and Izzy are a cute pair.  Izzy is from a litter of five bright blue merles so with the breeding, I’m expecting some really nice pups.

Fancy, my small mini Aussie, will also be bred at her next heat.  She was titled as a puppy last summer and I plan to put her back in the ring as an adult in May which reminds me that I need to start working with her because she’s gotten out of practice on her ring presence.  I’m wavering between two merle males for her, so I soon need to make up my mind.

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