Apr 282010

My sermon for the day has to do with feeding your dogs premium dog food.  I’m a believer in high protein, low or no grain, food.  Proof is in the bag!

My oldest mini Australian Shepherd left me at age 16 1/2 and my German Shepherd at 14 1/2 and I attribute it to feeding them high protein, high quality dog food along with a few supplements along the way.  Check this link for my local veterinarian’s discussion of pet food   http://www.alangusaussies.com/index_files/Page564.htm

Again, I am no veterinarian, but I know what has given me good results with my dogs over the last 25 years.  I give my dogs daily fish oil and NuVet Plus http://www.alangusaussies.com/index_files/AvailablePuppies.htm as a supplement to their premium food.  I can also share my favorite dog foods if anyone is interested but there is no “one” that is the best, just ingredients that provide a more healthy diet for your pet.

As my two older dogs became geriatric, I began giving them LubriSyn which is a miracle cure for arthitic pain and glucosamine/chondroitin supplements.

Vet bills are very expensive, a sick and unhealthy dog is sad, and the small cost of providing good food will far offset the health issues of feeding “corn chips” to your pets on a daily basis (ie food with corn as the main ingredient).

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