Jun 122011

We had an exciting time on May 31 when Izzy was giving birth to her little butterballs.  The little chubs came into the world back end first which required some assistance and a good mentor, the owner of the daddy dog, on the phone giving encouragement.

Two weeks have passed, and just today our little blue merle girl opened her eyes.  She is a cutie for sure.  Right now it seems both her eyes will be blue and she is starting to get just a hint of copper mixed in with her coloring.  Our little granddaughter started calling her BabyBell after her Mommy, Isabella, so the name has stuck.  Somehow she just looks like a Babybell.

The black tri female is just a tad slower opening her eyes, so we’re still wondering.  Her daddy is a blue eyed red tri, so it’s not impossible that she could sport those baby blues too.  She is just a little smaller than her merle sister, but it’s still hard to tell if she’s just younger or going to be a smaller dog.  In the same scheme of things, her name has become Chime and her white collar is actually in the shape of a “C”.  Better than a permanent tattoo, eh?

Izzy is a doting mom and has settled into her nursery in our office.  Of course, we have to pick up the puppers every time we pass to give them a little snuggle, belly tickle and neck scratch to get them used to the human touch and smell. Ike, our male, and Fancy, our other female, get to view the pups from a distance at this point, but they don’t seem particularly concerned about any lack of attention for themselves.  We have enough to go around 🙂

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