Little Socialite

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Jan 312010

Our goal this week is meeting new friends wherever we go, Home Depot, Lowes, the training center, the pet store, and even at the window at Starbucks.  Because Aussies are such a pack breed, now is my window of opportunity for her to meet and sniff and kiss all kinds of people.  So far, Fancy is happy and laid back and eager to snuggle whoever comes along.

Her visit to the vet found her to be 5 pounds of fluff and healthy in all regards!  Good job Gerri at Cattle Call Aussies for growing her well!

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Mommy + Daddy + 3

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Jan 292010

I don’t think we’re ready for reality TV, but we are now a family of 3 Mini/Toy Aussies and the fun is rolling at our house.

I picked up Cattle Call Fancy Don’t Let Me Down at Alangus Wednesday morning at the Louisville airport coming in on a Continental red-eye flight (great for puppies).  As her breeder told me, she is a happy puppy and was ready to play as soon as the crate door opened.  I commend the breeder, Cattle Call Aussies, on sending me a perfect Toy Aussie puppy and Continental for a safe and seemingly uneventful ride.

We detoured on the way home by Feeders Supply to give her just a few of those important socialization snuggles from strangers and then to meet Ike and Izzy, who took her right in as though they had been waiting for their little sister to arrive forever.  Once home, of course, we had to do a photo shoot for the webpage but she took it all in stride and there were no shivers of nervousness at any of my silliness which makes me VERY happy.  A nap and she was ready to explore her new forever home.

Her first night required only one potty break, but of course she was snuggled on the couch with skin mommy and Ike, who’s job it is to make everyone feel comfortable.

Check out pictures at!

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Flight 5570

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Jan 272010

Fancy is in the air coming in from Houston, her last stopover, as I write.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone pampered her at that layover and she’s had a good flight.  It’s cold here, around 20 degrees, so she may have the shivers as she comes into the  Louisville airport.

I’ve only had one other puppy flown, Izzy, and she arrived and happy and spunky…which indicated her adult personality.  Reputable breeders tell me that they have had no trouble shipping by air, but this time Fancy had to change planes so it’ll be nice when I pick up her crate and know she made it okay.

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Jan 262010

Alangus Aussies, my name, comes from the family farm in Southern Kentucky.  When I was a child, my parents asked me to name the farm and with a child’s mental processes, I took the AL from alfalfa which covered a large portion of the tillable fields and added ANGUS which was the breed of cattle to whom the alfalfa was fed, creating Alangus Acres.  As an afterthought, we realized that AL are also my father’s initials so the name became even more appropriate.

Only a few of the fields are now used to grow alfalfa, but Dad continues to have exceptional Angus cattle of which some have won state championship titles.

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Jan 252010

Fancy will be arriving on Wednesday morning into Louisville International Airport.  The countdown is on and excitement growing.

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Puppy switcheroo

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Jan 192010

I talked to the breeder of my new puppy yesterday and after the 2 little females were evaluated, she suggested I do a switch and take the other one which she thinks will be higher quality for show.  I know that I’ll love either one, so it’s best for me to take her advice and get a good start.  Little Fancy is flying in from Oregon on the 28th!!  I’m hoping for moderate weather to hold out, but we’ll see.

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Louisville Home Build and Renovate Expo

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Jan 162010

As a member of Bluegrass Pet Services Network, I’m helping to man an exhibit table at the Home Show in Louisville, Kentucky.  Puppy Luv Pet Sitters, my business, services my local area providing in-home pet care while my clients travel or work long hours.

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Izzy–Go Tunnel!!

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Jan 152010

I spent several hours yesterday with Izzy (Queen Isabella) working Obedience and Agility.  We are still at the Novice level, but I will be the only deterrent to success.  She has a spark in her eye and superior focus.  She wants to work soooo badly and has such a happy face when we accomplish the command correctly.

 Not everyone has the same interests, but I can’t imagine a loving dog owner not enjoying training their dog once they get started.  It’s almost addictive because you see a bit of success and it makes you want to push to the next level.  So much fun!!

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Naming New Puppy

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Jan 142010

My current dogs are Double R Ike and Murrays Queen Isabella.  I’m considering Cattle Call Fancy Don’t Let Me Down for the little girl, since her sire’s name is Cattle Call Blue Genes.  I’m not sure if that makes a connection to anyone else, but somehow did to me.

  I’m certainly hoping she’s “top notch” and doesn’t let me down in any way either for intelligence, looks or personality.

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Puppy is packing its bags

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Jan 132010

I received word today that my female black tri puppy will be arriving the end of January.  I can smell puppy breath already, but do realize my work is cut out for me.  My two other dogs are “in training”, so I must be disciplined in order to give them all their due time in the limelight.

 I’ve spent a good deal of time in front of the computer screen researching kennels all around the United States that breed and show Toy and Mini Australian Shepherds.  I am eager for the opportunity to attend some shows this Spring and to meet some of these breeders in person and to see their dogs.

Toy Aussies are a terrific pet dog for folks that want an intelligent breed with that focus that comes from the herding breeds but in a small package that is more portable and takes up less “space” in the house.  In my case, the “less space” just means additional dogs much to the chagrin of my husband who has a “one-dog philosophy”.

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Welcome to the Alangus Mini and Toy Aussies Blog

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Jan 082010

I’m excited to be able to announce the launching of my website and also my hobby breeding program for mini and toy Australian Shepherds in Kentucky.  I currently have a young male mini Aussie and a young female toy Aussie, and have been researching kennels from all the over the United States to find another female that fits the criteria for a “keeper”.

At this point, I have made a deposit on a black tri toy female from Cattle Call Aussies in Oregon and because of her champion bloodlines and also the true Aussie look in a small package, I think I’ve made the right choice.  I know that I don’t want a large number of dogs because mine are family pets and I try to do agility and obedience training with each one individually.

Drop back in and I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening in Kentucky and also with my acquisition of my new puppy.

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