Jan 132010

I received word today that my female black tri puppy will be arriving the end of January.  I can smell puppy breath already, but do realize my work is cut out for me.  My two other dogs are “in training”, so I must be disciplined in order to give them all their due time in the limelight.

 I’ve spent a good deal of time in front of the computer screen researching kennels all around the United States that breed and show Toy and Mini Australian Shepherds.  I am eager for the opportunity to attend some shows this Spring and to meet some of these breeders in person and to see their dogs.

Toy Aussies are a terrific pet dog for folks that want an intelligent breed with that focus that comes from the herding breeds but in a small package that is more portable and takes up less “space” in the house.  In my case, the “less space” just means additional dogs much to the chagrin of my husband who has a “one-dog philosophy”.

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