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Mini Aussie Puppies – Page 2 – Alangus Mini Aussies: A Dog Blog
Dec 222011

I know you new puppy parents are perusing my Blog to not miss a moment of your new friend’s life so I took another video this morning.  It’s with my Iphone and not high quality, but has a good view of the little ones.  They are eating really well, as is Momma Dog, and their little bellies are starting to pooch out.  I love the time when they start to turn from newborns into puppies.

At this point it is very very important for me to keep Fancy healthy with as many calories as I can get down here.  She’s currently eating Orijen Fish dog food because it is very high calcium and  very high calorie (600+ kcal per cup), a six star food, the very best rating.  That is much higher calorie count than I would like to feed my dogs normally because when not whelping I like to keep them just a tad lean.  Fancy loves that particular food and I’m adding some hot water to make a stew because her intake of fluids needs to be maximized as well.  This morning early, she ate about 1 1/2 cups of dog food covered with hot water.  At lunch she got another bowl of  1 1/2 cups mixture of cottage cheese, rice and chicken that I had cooked earlier and frozen for her and a little puppy food.  The extra calcium in the cottage cheese and the protein again will help her milk supply.  With five nursing puppies, a female dog can lose a lot of her body fat and sacrifice her own health just as nursing skin mothers do.  Tonight she’ll get another meal and perhaps a chunk of cheese if she’s still hungry.  To compare, when not with puppies, Fancy eats 1 cup of food per day and maintains a healthy weight.

I’m not seeing a way to link to my video on my version of WordPress, so if necessary, you may need to copy and paste the url into your browser:


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Dec 222011

Today marked the third day for the Mini Aussie Puppies to be here and we took our trip to my veterinarian to be checked over, dew claws removed and tails to be docked.  Aussies are born with tails of different lengths, from a natural bob to a full length tail.  At three days old, the vet clips their tails and glues and puts a little stitch in the end.  I’ve seen dogs with good tail docks and ones with not so good docks.  My vet does an excellent job and is very particular to not get them so short that pottying is an issue but not so long they stand up like a Cocker Spaniel. She does it just right!

The breed standard calls for a docked tail and I wouldn’t have an Aussie any other way.  That distinctive pantaloon look with back feathers makes the Aussie look like an Aussie.  Love those wiggle butts 🙂

Contrary to what some people construe, tail docking is not particularly traumatic to the puppies at 3 days old.  Their body systems are still very immature and any pain they have at this point is not the same as pain in just a few more days.  My vet and I likened it to getting an ear pierced.  It’s a quick little jab, but then it’s over with minimal soreness for a few hours.  Actually, as soon as they were back with their Mommy and nursing, they seemed to have forgotten that anything had happened at all.

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Mini Australian Puppies in the House!!

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Dec 192011

And……..we have puppies in the house!  Fancy and Randy are proud parents of 5 little squiggly wiggly puppies with the last one born Sunday afternoon, December 18 about 5 pm.  The litter of five is one red tri girl, two black tri girls and two black tri boys.  So far their little bellies have pooched out overnight from mama’s milk and all seems well.  They’ll go in for a vet check mid-week.

And, the ultrasound was correct on the “beating heart” count at about mid-pregnancy.  That’s my first experience but it was definitely worth it.

It is so hard to stay away from them.  Nature makes us just want to sit and watch babies of all kinds, doesn’t it?

A Long Day at the Office and I Need A Hot Shower

A Long Day At the Office

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On the Countdown for Mini or Toy Aussie Puppies

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Dec 072011

I’m on the countdown for Miniature or Toy Australian Shepherd puppies at our house.  Woohooooo!  Fancy is doing well, eating well, sleeping well and still happy even though her tum is almost dragging the ground.  She’s a little trooper!

Since the 63 days actually starts counting on the day the bitch ovulates and the eggs live for 4-5 days, it is possible that she can whelp as early as December 12.  On the other hand, the sperm lives 3-4 days as well and if she ovulated after breeding, she can whelp as late as December 21.  I didn’t do any vet testing for ovulation, so we’ll just have to be ready!  I’ll start taking her temperature on the weekend. When her temperature is down around 98-99, I’ll know it’ll be within 24 hours til there are puppies.

My basement is undergoing a renovation from 1980’s carpet and paneling to nice drywall and laminate flooring and I so want it to be done before she whelps so she’ll have a quiet place away from my other dogs and I’ll have more space to move around to watch and help.  I told the carpenters to “get with it”!

I’m getting the items gathered for the whelping area.  The Perla bed is sanitized and filled with her nesting material.  I have my whelping kit ready (I hope).  Now just waiting.

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Watching & Waiting

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Nov 092011

We are on day 21 since Fancy’s first breeding and she has some early signs that the breeding took. She’s been especially quiet the last few days and not as exuberant about her food bowl as normal. I’ve been finding her curled up on a pillow in another room and yesterday being put off when Ike wanted to romp in the yard.

Her ultrasound is scheduled for next Tuesday so waiting and watching.  Fancy is now eating a mix of California Natural and Timberwolf, both 5* foods. I hear from other breeders that they feed less expensive brands with more corn but I just can’t bring myself to lower my standards.  I said after Izzy’s fat puppies, I might do it, but just can’t. 

I stopped by our local butcher shop and put my name on the list for raw bones when they get a side of beef or some deer in.  I’ll have them cut to safe lengths and give to my dogs for a nice treat and to keep their teeth clean. This is the first time I’ve gotten the bones locally so I’ll report how it goes. In the past, I’ve bought them frozen at a local pet store.  I’m not a raw feeder but I do like to use bones about once a week. 

Ive also started inventorying my whelping supplies to be sure I have them organized. I bought a small plastic case yesterday at the dollar store to keep everything handy. I do not have hemostats yet for cords, but put some on order. Last time Izzy took care of that, but I have been watching videos and may help this time if there is a larger litter. I did have one umbilical hernia and friends tell me that if I cut the cords that won’t happen.  

Live and learn and thanks to breeder friends, I’ve picked up some  helpful hints.  The last thing I want to do is jeopardize my bitches!

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Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherd Puppies

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Oct 142011

I know from phone calls and emails that you are interested in Fancy’s upcoming litter.  Cattle Call Fancy Don’t Let Me Down of Alangus is currently with her beau, RB’s Wee Randy da Rebel making puppies 🙂

Fancy is a black tri mini Aussie, standing just over 14″ and Randy is a blue merle toy Aussie standing about 13″. With the parent’s sizes and colors, we should have a nice mix of puppies.  Both adults have the traits I look for in a small Aussie.  Temperament is at the top of my list with conformation and intelligence coming in second.

I am very excited about this litter and would love to keep a puppy myself from this matchup.  That shows how much I like both dogs. Puppies will be eligible for NSDR, ASDR, MASCA and also AKC registration as a Miniature North American Shepherd so can compete in a variety of venues or just be your best buddy!

RB’s Wee Randy da Rebel

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Aug 102011

Babybell 2 flew out by Delta and this time things went more smoothly thanks to a worker in the cargo department that made sure she was on board the right flight.  We had weather delays due to storms in Atlanta, but the clerk was so helpful to reroute and even walked to the plane prior to boarding to be sure she was in the hold.  What a difference!

The flight was still long for the little girl, no Delta DASH with weather delays, but the new owner said she fared well and arrived with a dry kennel.  Good girl!

I learned to stay around to be sure the puppy is loaded and that the flight actually takes off.  I also learned that the tracking data is not necessarily correct, because if a puppy is misplaced between gates, someone will fabricate the data to get the plane off the ground.  I also maintain that carrying pet insurance is worth the small fee, because I can see how things can happen and it at least protects the seller and the buyer financially.

Back home to an empty nest.  The puppies have been a lot of fun, but it was time for them to bond in their new homes.  It was a good experience and Cattle Call Fancy of Alangus will give us another litter of mini or toy Aussies in the Fall.

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Jul 172011

Puppy PlaypenThe two toy/mini Aussie puppies that are growing at my house are doing really well in the pen set up that I have for them.  I’ve taken hints from other breeders and put them together into what has worked for me.

Since I don’t have a “kennel” and my dogs are home raised, once the puppies were moving around, I set up the play yard in some extra space at the side of my dining room.  I have hardwood floors, so the first thing I did was go to Lowes and buy an inexpensive pre-cut roll of vinyl flooring that looks like wood and unrolled it over my hardwood.  To the casual observer coming into my home, you don’t really notice that I have laid down vinyl and it is easily mopped without doing damage to my wood.

I divided the play area loosely into 3 areas.  In one corner, I have an appropriately sized crate with the door open and sherpa fabric inside that is easy to change out and wash.  The puppies like to “den” in their crate.  Originally, when they were smaller I used the Perla bed, but found they would hunker behind it to sleep so the crate works better at this stage.

In the opposite corner, I use an Out plastic holder for their peepee pads.  I really like that product and the puppies caught on almost immediately and transitioned form the peepee pad on the floor to the holder.  I’m trying to do the math, but when I can put people bed pads on sale and cut them in half, I think it is more cost effective than the puppy pads at the pet store.  It will take a little more computation to figure out if that is actually true.  On the up side, the bed pads are thicker and more absorbant which I do like and a large one cut in half will make 2 perfect size ones for the holder.  I’m finding that about 80% of the time, the puppies are going to the holder which is a terrific percentage for their 6 1/2 weeks old.  Very surprising.

In the other corner, I have their water and puppy food dish which leaves all the middle for their toys and play time.  This set up is very practical, easy to clean and keeping the puppies exercised and happy.

The picture shows the pen in it’s original octagon shape when the puppies were younger and as they have gotten more active, I added 2 additional sections to the pen and made it a large square with more play room.

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Puppy Birth

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Jun 142011

When I was preparing for the birth of my litter of Mini/Toy Aussie puppies, I read books, read blogs and watched videos.  However, I still was not quite prepared for the event and thought I would share a few items that were very helpful along with those OMG moments.  My last dog that I bred was in the late 80’s and she was an easy whelper and required absolutely no assistance.

First, I learned some very good information about preparing the whelping area from a seasoned breeder that is now my friend.  She suggested buying a couple of Perla beds, one to use and one to have clean at all times.  I bought mine online and searched for quite awhile to find reasonable shipping from www.thatpetplace.com.  I ended up getting the large size, but truthfully, the medium would have probably been the correct size for my toy Aussie.  However, since whelping, it has served as a nice containment area until the pups get up and moving around more because the sides are quite high.  Again, I was told to keep the open side toward a wall or toward the pen so when mom gets out while the pups are nursing, she doesn’t drag them out with her.  Good advice.

Of course, I lined the Perla bed with newspapers and then used sherpa fabric cut in pieces about 24″ x 24″ or so.  I bought it at JoAnn Fabrics and cut and zigzagged the pieces before I washed them.  Another terrific idea because the mom and puppies love snuggling with and under the pieces.  I made enough that I can take them out and have several more to replenish until I have a full load to wash. They soak up the “stuff” and are soft and fluffy after they are washed almost like a stuffed toy.  I often find the pups hidden underneath, but the fabric is lightweight enough so it’s not dangerous.

Under the Perla, I have used Drymate Whelping Box Liner I bought online on Amazon.  It is lightweight and since it has a rubber backing, catches any liquid before it soaks through to my hardwood floors.  Again, I bought 4 different ones so I can double up to fill out the entire space of my fenced area and have backup to wash.  The liner washes beautifully and I hang outside to dry.  I found that drying in the dryer didn’t work so well, but it dries overnight when hung up.

I used a small Lectro Kennel Heath Pad under one end of the Perla bed to maintain the temperature about 85-90 degrees to keep the puppies from getting chilled.  Again, this worked perfectly with the addition of a Zoo Med Remote Sensor Thermostat for Reptiles to keep the temperature stable.  At first I tried the temperature control that can be ordered to use with the Lectro Kennel Pad, but when my husband charted the temperatures over a 24 hour period, it was too random and I thought the temps got too hot. The Zoo Med kept the temp very stable and

Izzy’s whelping was quite eventful and luckily my husband was home to help and my breeder friend was on the phone.  All Izzy’s puppies were born posterior first and they were fat little chumps.  In all 3 cases, we had to give assistance by pulling on their little back feet as Izzy contracted to get them out and although it didn’t really take that long, it seemed forever for the heads to finally be out.  The midsection seemed to be the part that “stuck” and try as Izzy tried, she couldn’t have done it on her own.  The last delivery was an extremely large puppy, and it just took too long and we to exert too much pressure for it to survive.  That was when we got very nervous for our momma and thought we might have to rush her to the vet.  At the end of about 7 hours, we had two very fat and healthy Miniature or Toy Australian females puppies that will be for sale in a few weeks.

My hopes are that if I breed another of my dogs, the birthing process will be more normal.  I don’t think it is common that all the pups of a litter come out backwards, but I haven’t really done the research on it.

Another hint I got from a veteran breeder opposes everything I thought I knew, plus everything the vets told me.  I feed my dogs high quality 5 star food and continued to do so once my female was bred.  About mid-way through, I changed her over to high quality puppy food.  My breeder friend said I actually “overfed” her with nutrients which made the puppies very large and fat, making for a more difficult birth.  It does make sense, and although I definitely don’t want to jeopardize the health of my female, I will rethink the feeding regimen next time to try to hit a mid-point.

With the puppies at 14 days old today, I will give their first worm medicine and also grind their little nails a bit because they are like needles.  Chime, the black tri, is just starting to open her eyes and Babybell’s are open wide today and definitely bright blue.

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Toy or Mini Aussie Puppies are HERE!!!

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Jun 122011

We had an exciting time on May 31 when Izzy was giving birth to her little butterballs.  The little chubs came into the world back end first which required some assistance and a good mentor, the owner of the daddy dog, on the phone giving encouragement.

Two weeks have passed, and just today our little blue merle girl opened her eyes.  She is a cutie for sure.  Right now it seems both her eyes will be blue and she is starting to get just a hint of copper mixed in with her coloring.  Our little granddaughter started calling her BabyBell after her Mommy, Isabella, so the name has stuck.  Somehow she just looks like a Babybell.

The black tri female is just a tad slower opening her eyes, so we’re still wondering.  Her daddy is a blue eyed red tri, so it’s not impossible that she could sport those baby blues too.  She is just a little smaller than her merle sister, but it’s still hard to tell if she’s just younger or going to be a smaller dog.  In the same scheme of things, her name has become Chime and her white collar is actually in the shape of a “C”.  Better than a permanent tattoo, eh?

Izzy is a doting mom and has settled into her nursery in our office.  Of course, we have to pick up the puppers every time we pass to give them a little snuggle, belly tickle and neck scratch to get them used to the human touch and smell. Ike, our male, and Fancy, our other female, get to view the pups from a distance at this point, but they don’t seem particularly concerned about any lack of attention for themselves.  We have enough to go around 🙂

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Memorial Day Aussie Puppies

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May 282011

Izzy is on day 62 from her first breeding and x-rays show she has at least 3 miniature or toy aussies waiting to meet the world.  I’m on pins and needles watching and waiting.

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Counting the Days

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Apr 202011

I have to admit that I have a calendar and I’m marking off the days until Izzy whelps.  We’re on day 25 and I’m seeing her little belly pooch just a tad..hopefully not my imagination.

I haven’t had a litter of puppies at my house since 1998 so admittedly, I’m really excited.  I do not expect any problems and have an experienced breeder friend on call, but I’m reading and reviewing all the information to be sure I’m ready to help out if necessary.

Since Izzy is our little disc dog, she’s out of competition this summer.  That’s a bummer, because it’s so much fun for both her and my husband, and,well, me too 🙂

Izzy has been bred to a Toy Aussie male who is just cute as a button.  He is a dark red tri, with Champion and Best in Show titles to his credit. He and Izzy are a cute pair.  Izzy is from a litter of five bright blue merles so with the breeding, I’m expecting some really nice pups.

Fancy, my small mini Aussie, will also be bred at her next heat.  She was titled as a puppy last summer and I plan to put her back in the ring as an adult in May which reminds me that I need to start working with her because she’s gotten out of practice on her ring presence.  I’m wavering between two merle males for her, so I soon need to make up my mind.

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Little Toy Aussies on the Way!

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Apr 192011

I’ve been away from my Blog living life, but Spring in Kentucky may be sprouting more than grass and flowers.  Izzy had a nice vacation with a little dark red tri champion male for a week and she’s looking very much like puppies may be on the way!!

If all goes as expected, I’ll be posting pictures of baby toy Aussie puppies the end of May or first of June!!!!

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Happy New Year

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Jan 042011

The holidays have passed and it’s time to look toward Spring.  My little mini Aussie, Fancy, now a year old has just come through her second heat cycle so I’m going to schedule her OFA xrays soon to get her ready to bring us some puppies.  I’m also intending to put her back in the IABCA show ring this Spring to accomplish her adult championship.

Izzy, my blue merle girl, has matured and is filling out to be an absolutely gorgeous Toy Aussie.   She is now two and I’m just waiting for her to come in season and a really nice dark red tri male is waiting in the wings ready.  I’m so hoping to have a litter for those of you that have called and emailed me.  Izzy has so many good qualities, including her stunning facial features and athleticism that I’d like to pass along.  It’s too bad that the weather has been uncooperative lately for her to practice her frisbee.

Happy New Year to all!!

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