Dec 072011

I’m on the countdown for Miniature or Toy Australian Shepherd puppies at our house.  Woohooooo!  Fancy is doing well, eating well, sleeping well and still happy even though her tum is almost dragging the ground.  She’s a little trooper!

Since the 63 days actually starts counting on the day the bitch ovulates and the eggs live for 4-5 days, it is possible that she can whelp as early as December 12.  On the other hand, the sperm lives 3-4 days as well and if she ovulated after breeding, she can whelp as late as December 21.  I didn’t do any vet testing for ovulation, so we’ll just have to be ready!  I’ll start taking her temperature on the weekend. When her temperature is down around 98-99, I’ll know it’ll be within 24 hours til there are puppies.

My basement is undergoing a renovation from 1980’s carpet and paneling to nice drywall and laminate flooring and I so want it to be done before she whelps so she’ll have a quiet place away from my other dogs and I’ll have more space to move around to watch and help.  I told the carpenters to “get with it”!

I’m getting the items gathered for the whelping area.  The Perla bed is sanitized and filled with her nesting material.  I have my whelping kit ready (I hope).  Now just waiting.

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