Nov 092011

We are on day 21 since Fancy’s first breeding and she has some early signs that the breeding took. She’s been especially quiet the last few days and not as exuberant about her food bowl as normal. I’ve been finding her curled up on a pillow in another room and yesterday being put off when Ike wanted to romp in the yard.

Her ultrasound is scheduled for next Tuesday so waiting and watching.  Fancy is now eating a mix of California Natural and Timberwolf, both 5* foods. I hear from other breeders that they feed less expensive brands with more corn but I just can’t bring myself to lower my standards.  I said after Izzy’s fat puppies, I might do it, but just can’t. 

I stopped by our local butcher shop and put my name on the list for raw bones when they get a side of beef or some deer in.  I’ll have them cut to safe lengths and give to my dogs for a nice treat and to keep their teeth clean. This is the first time I’ve gotten the bones locally so I’ll report how it goes. In the past, I’ve bought them frozen at a local pet store.  I’m not a raw feeder but I do like to use bones about once a week. 

Ive also started inventorying my whelping supplies to be sure I have them organized. I bought a small plastic case yesterday at the dollar store to keep everything handy. I do not have hemostats yet for cords, but put some on order. Last time Izzy took care of that, but I have been watching videos and may help this time if there is a larger litter. I did have one umbilical hernia and friends tell me that if I cut the cords that won’t happen.  

Live and learn and thanks to breeder friends, I’ve picked up some  helpful hints.  The last thing I want to do is jeopardize my bitches!

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