Nov 142013

Ultrasound for DogsFancy had her ultrasound this morning and Dr. Ross at PeWee Veterinary Hospital saw 5 and perhaps 6 little heartbeats…so puppies are in the oven 🙂  Good job, Swagger Man!!

Some breeders don’t take advantage of an ultrasound, but Dr. Ross has high tech equipment and reproductive veterinary medicine is her specialty so she is my go to vet for breeding and whelping help.  She has been right on the money with my other litters, and I really like knowing if my girl has been bred so I can give her extra special care (as if my dogs aren’t always pampered!!!).

I project the due date based on Fancy’s last litters as December 17-20. 2013.  Fancy and Swagger most likely will have puppies in the 13-15″ range, although there can be exceptions to the rule due to genetics in the dogs behind them.  I know that Fancy carries the gene for “red” which is recessive in Aussies and it will be interesting to see if Swagger also carries it.  No doubt, the probability for black tri and blue merle puppies is high.  Only time will tell…….that is part of the fun!!  Check back in for progress reports.

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Nov 022013
Blue Merle Toy Aussie

Intl Ch Alangus Blue Swagger

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Intl Ch Cattle Call Fancy Don’t Let Me Down

We are on the countdown from 63 days for Fancy x Swagger puppies.  About midway, I will take her in for an ultrasound to determine how many there are.   Fingers are crossed for puppies around December 17.  I am currently accepting deposits on this litter. If I find Fancy was not bred this cycle, deposits will be refunded.

This will be Fancy’s third litter, Swagger’s first.  Both sire and dam have well known foundation Miniature Aussies in their pedigrees and multiple titled dogs. Even more importantly, Fancy has proven to stamp her puppies with her friendly temperament.  Pedigrees are on my webpage at Swagger and Fancy.

Videos of previous litters are on my Alangus Aussies YouTube Channel and puppy pictures from previous litters have been moved to Facebook.

Jun 112013

As you know, I like to breed my girls only once a year and Fancy’s turn doesn’t come about until Fall 2013.  She gave us six healthy and beautiful puppies last Winter and I like to give her “time off” to just relax and play in between litters.

Swagger, our little male, is coming into his own at just over a year old and it was questionable if he might have bred Fancy last month.  We didn’t think so, then we thought so, and it was just a little iffy because there was that sneaky suspicion…..

Fancy has been a little symptomatic by not eating like her usual chow hound self and that has always been a giveaway that she is having some morning sickness.  So, I scheduled her ultrasound on Monday, and…..NO heartbeats to my relief.  Summers are just very busy for me and for some reason I like winter puppies if I can work it out. Plus, the timing is good for them to go to their forever homes just as the weather turns to Spring.

So, back on schedule, and Fancy will be bred again come October for December 2013 puppies if all goes as planned.  I’m still holding my cards on Rosie for this year.  Her little body is developing well, but I haven’t decided if I will breed her this go around.  News on that later!

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Mar 052012

Izzy went in for her ultrasound this morning, and there are 4 little beating hearts.  That’s a nice size litter for her and I’m very pleased.  I was pretty sure she was bred because she’s been off her eating a bit and especially clingy the last week or so.  Plus, her best fur friends have gotten on her nerves a bit 🙂

I’ve mentioned this before, but having the ultrasound done by a trained vet is very helpful.  It gives me perspective on Izzy’s pregnancy and when whelping time comes, I can be more certain when she is finished so I can give a sigh of relief. I don’t want to jeopardize my girls’ health.

We should have puppies April 8-10, 2012.

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Mini Australian Puppies in the House!!

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Dec 192011

And……..we have puppies in the house!  Fancy and Randy are proud parents of 5 little squiggly wiggly puppies with the last one born Sunday afternoon, December 18 about 5 pm.  The litter of five is one red tri girl, two black tri girls and two black tri boys.  So far their little bellies have pooched out overnight from mama’s milk and all seems well.  They’ll go in for a vet check mid-week.

And, the ultrasound was correct on the “beating heart” count at about mid-pregnancy.  That’s my first experience but it was definitely worth it.

It is so hard to stay away from them.  Nature makes us just want to sit and watch babies of all kinds, doesn’t it?

A Long Day at the Office and I Need A Hot Shower

A Long Day At the Office

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Ultrasound for Dogs

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Nov 162011

Fancy went in to the vet yesterday for her ultrasound and the vet counted 5 little thumping hearts.   That was pretty amazing and unexpected that I could see them in their cozy spots in each horn. This particular vet has some of the best equipment in our area and well worth the $70 to see what’s actually going on.  Just like with skin babies, I came home with a picture of one.

Fancy is at day 31 from her first breeding so the due date should be approximately Dec 17. She has had morning sickness for several days so I’m hoping she is soon feeling better.  Of course, she has gotten lots of special attention as if she isn’t already pampered. My dogs are pretty much spoiled rotten!

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