Mar 312012

Even though my dogs are personal house pets and I do not have a kennel per se, I found it advantageous to brand myself for purposes of my web page and for registrations and showing of my dogs.

The name of my “kennel”, Al (pronounces like Alabama) angus (as in the breed of cattle) came from the name of our family farm in southern Kentucky.  When I was a little girl, my dad started his foundation herd of quality Angus cattle and asked me to come up with a name for the farm for the same reason that I needed a name for my dogs.  My 8 year old brain wasn’t very distinguished (still just a farm girl) and I looked out over dad’s alfalfa crop and pastures dotted with his black cattle and hence “Alangus” was coined. The funny part is, I didn’t make the connection that my Dad’s initials are also AL so that made it more appropriate than I realized.

Once my husband retires late this year, we’ll migrate South taking these Aussies back to the farm where they have lots of room to romp!

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