Feb 252013

I’m hearing lots of good reports from this last litter of Fancy x Randy puppies.

C from Western KY sent me videos of Kobe aka Target already chasing Frisbee rollers and doing multiple parlor tricks at 9 weeks old.  It’s not surprising because both mom and dad of this litter are very intelligent and eager to please.  You can view one of the short videos at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTAsNjovRrA.  Puppies learn very quickly with yummy treats and positive reinforcement.  Notice C uses the word “yes” or “good boy” as the marker to let Kobe know he has accomplished what she asked him to do and then popped him a “yummy”.

Petey aka Shadow stayed here close to me and I hear he is a snuggle bunny loving his bubble baths and is sleeping the night through.  Puppies that get plenty of exercise, both physical and mental, are tired by evening and if cBlue Merle Mini Aussie Puppyrated, will rest peacefully.  I couldn’t resist posting the pictures M & G sent because there is just nothing cuter than a little Aussie behind at 9 weeks old.  Petey will be starting puppy classes at Almost Home in Louisville soon.

Blue Merle Mini Aussie Puppy

Little Kona aka Tardy had to travel far to her home near Cleveland.  I hear she is also doing really well with her potty training and loves to play ball.  What Aussie doesn’t like to play ball??  All they have to do is train us to toss it and we humans are pretty quick to learn we are rewarded with puppy kisses if we do what we’re told.

I have had emails from both Corky and Storm that stayed in Louisville, and will post some pictures when I get them.

And…last…little Brave ended up staying in the family here.  She, of course, was the puppy that my granddaughter named from the Disney movie and she managed to convince her skin daddy that the puppy was meant to be hers.  At three years old, I’d say she can convince her daddy of about anything with either a pout or a little girl hug 🙂  The only caveat was that grandmommy keep her until she is potty trained and just a little less fragile for a life with toddlers.  Potty training is going quite well with very few mistakes (which are mine in most cases) so only the second stipulation is pending.

Another sweet group of puppies in their forever homes and we’ll continue to share pictures and stories as they grow. It is so rewarding to see others enjoy the little Aussies the same way I do.  They are just a special breed and their nickname “velcro dog” is very suitable.

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  1. Thank you so much for our wonderful addition to the family!

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