Dec 212012

Here is a candid shot of the Fancy x Randy December 16, 2012 babies after their “de-tailing” (tail docks) at five days old.

Color coding:

  • Blue Merle with white half collar–Female
  • Blue Merle with minimal white–Male
  • Blue Merle, black patches on left top–Female
  • Black Tri with white star on neck–Male
  • Black Tri in front–Female
  • Black Tri in middle acting as pillow–Male

Mini Aussie Puppies  

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  5 Responses to “Mini Aussie Puppies”

  1. Not big, running 11-13 ounces. They were a little “chunkier” than Fancy’s 2011 litter at birth because Fancy just ate better this time, but averaging out about the same at this point and maybe a tad less than Izzy’s Spring litter.

  2. So fun to watch them grow! They look so big in the pictures. Can’t wait to hear their names…. I’m sure each one of them reminds you of something on the roadtrip 🙂

  3. Yes, Mary, our new acronym is “POP” = Pile of Puppies 🙂 Coming from an education background, I’ve certainly had my share of acronyms so adding this one to the list.

  4. Awwww, so cute. Nothing like a pile of sleeping puppies! I can’t wait to hold one!

  5. So cute! Can’t wait to watch this litter of mini Aussies grow up!

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