Dec 152012

We’ve been on a little journey in our motorhome down to Hilton Head Island, and as my tagline says “pack ’em up and take ’em along”, we packed Fancy in for the ride while the rest of the pack hung back with the pet sitter.  Fancy is due to have her puppies at any time and I didn’t want to leave her behind nor did we want her to have the other dogs for company.

Today is day 73 since her first show.  I’m counting from that date rather than breeding because the count of 63 days actually begins from ovulation and since I didn’t do progesterone testing, I’m not sure that exact time.  Last year, Fancy whelped on her 74th day from show.  Since her temperature is 98.6 this morning, we should be seeing puppies very soon!  This is the time when I get nervous for the waiting.

We had planned this journey to help our daughter and her husband do some renovation/upgrades on a vacation rental home they have purchased in HH before we knew for sure puppies were coming and it was difficult to rearrange the schedule due to the holidays.  So….here we are with whelping supplies on hand and luckily, a vet office just in walking distance of the motorhome resort 🙂

As an aside, this is our first trip to Hilton Head and it is a very neat place, not your typical beachy community because of the regulations on the island to preserve nature, limited signage and lighting, and the miles of bike trails to discourage unnecessary use of cars.  If you’d like to view info on the property in Historic Sea Pines Plantation that they have purchased for your next vacation, the “rough and unedited” webpage is up at Hilton Head Island Vacation Rental.

As soon as the puppies arrive, I’ll post pictures and as soon as the renovations are complete on the rental property, the website will be proofed and updated. By the way, pets are welcome, so you may want to “pack ’em up and take ’em along” to Hilton Head 🙂

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