Sep 032012

Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy

Announcement:  new recruit for the Kentucky Wildcat Basketball team just signed on.  Watch for her under the basket on rebounds this next season.  Her arm span is not so noticeable, but her jumping ability is incredible 🙂

Addie from Izzy x Helmie litter April 2012

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  2 Responses to “Airborne Pup”

  1. Addie is now catching about 25% of all Frisbees thrown. It is her favorite pasttime and she lets us know when it’s time to go play. Just like a little kid, she never likes to come back inside and stop playing.

  2. We never anticipated the athletic ability of a mini Aussie. We knew they could jump, but when you witness a jump during a high speed run, it’s almost like they fly. One word.. “wow,”

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