Apr 232012

Blue merle mini Aussie female

Black tri Mini Aussie Male

Black Tri Mini Aussie Female Puppy

Blue merle mini Aussie male

Thank you so much K for these really nice pictures of the puppies at two weeks old (Izzy x Helmie litter).  I’m like a proud grandparent, I must show them off, especially when I get some professional pics.

Yesterday, the puppies started to open their eyes and their ears as well, because as you can see there’s one up and one down. It’s funny how their ears are out like the Flying Nun when they are born, and slowly they start to bend to a normal position.  The first one to see the world was Spooky, the black tri male.  He was wide eyed by yesterday morning, followed by the Rapunzel the blue merle female (named by my 2 year old granddaughter, of course) and then Whiskers, the black tri female.  The blue merle boy, previously known as Myth Buster, has officially been renamed Alangus Kentucky Swagger!

At two weeks, these puppies are weighing in around 1.75 pounds.

Now that eyes are open, it’s time to rumble!!!  By next weekend, they’ll be ready to eat some puppy food and may even be coming in and out of their bed with a little help.  Fun is ready to begin 🙂

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