Feb 122012

I started 28 school years as a teacher, enjoyed 28 Spring Breaks and watched students leave my classroom at the last bell for each of those years.  During the school year, those subtle changes in looks and personalities weren’t so noticeable in the day to day, but somehow when I was telling the students goodbye and good luck, I’d often be astonished to see how much they had grown over the 9 months and felt really proud of them.

It seems perhaps strange to compare dogs to high school students,  but in my case some of the satisfaction is the same.  I really like Miniature Australian Shepherds and watching some of the puppies leave my care this week, I am comfortable that I am sending them out ready to meet their next phase of life.

Enough mush, this litter of puppies has just been a lot of fun.  They have been easy to love and for a litter of five, quite easy to manage.  Each of them have a very distinct personality and look, but beneath their differences, I know they are all little Aussies ready to play hard and snuggle warmly.

Little Derby Rose will be wondering what’s happening, no doubt.   Her personality has really come out this last week and she’s a looker.   Rose is moderate energy and doesn’t make much ruckus for an 8 week old puppy.  She seems to go with the flow and will be a loyal couch buddy and walking companion.  It is quite possible that Rose will be a Toy Aussie, stopping before she reaches 13″.

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