Aug 282010

I haven’t posted all summer, is that possible?  Where did the time go?

After our first disc dog competition, my husband is hooked.  He has practiced almost every day with Izzy and she can flat out jump and catch the regulation frisbee nearly 100% of the time.  It’s incredible, considering she only weighs about 13 pounds and is 12.5 inchs tall.  She is sooooo athletic and has focus out the gazoo.

Fancy is now 10 months old and has also learned to catch the frisbee and is starting to jump a little for the high ones.  She is lower to the ground and doesn’t run as fast, but it’s coming as she matures.  I’d say she is catching about 80% of the time if the discs are steady and at the right speed.  Her eye is certainly developing.

Ike likes to get it once and then go off and lay in the shade guarding his possession from the girls!

I had intended to breed Izzy this summer and of course, both girls came in season at the same time and the wrong time for me to be able to dedicate my time to puppies.  Izzy just waited too late for me so I’m hoping she’ll cycle a little closer to 9 months rather than the 11 she went last time.  Since Fancy is around, perhaps her chemistry will get Izzy on a different schedule.

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